Debugging tools are most needed for any programmer. As technology has taken newer heights and sites these days, there is a verge of recruiting best programmers. What can a good programmer do? They have to code well without having errors and warnings in their code.

Programmer being a human commits mistakes, though they are not intentional, but this happens at times with lengthy codes. To check each and every line for debugging can be a great task for them. They can make it simple with the help of debugging tools available online. So, here are 6 best debugging apps for Mac users.

Reveal Debugging App for mac

Based on our research, we came up with the list of little apps for Mac users. Follow the list and know which suits you best with your needs.

Corner Stone for mac

Corner Stone for mac enables the user to work in a smart way. Using a client application that was specially designed for Mac users, it takes control of the subversion. This app integrates all the features with the repository features you need to interact with and does in an easy and elegant manner. It helps with the streamline of your workflow if you are a new user of subversion.


• All in one user interface optimized mode
• Perfect combination with BBEdit, Text mate, Coda, Xcode, etc.
• Streamed workflow of previewing changes before committing.
• Log and Timeline view helping the user navigating through their project history with a breeze.
• Class leading editing and text comparison.
• Indigenous annotations that help you know where and what about every piece of the file.
• No configuration needed. Just include it with the app; it will take care of everything.

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Bin Hex for mac

Binary to Hexadecimal, in short, Bin hex is an encoding system that was used to send binary files over e-mail. Bin Hexed files consume more space than the original files but are less likely for corruption in transit.


• Fast and reliable conversion
• Batch convert multiple Mac documents or apps into HQX (Bin Hex)
• If unsupported files are selected you will be notified
• Protects classic mac files that are sent through the internet
• The original file remains unchanged
• User selected destinations for storing converted files
• The converted files can retain their master name originally

Opera Mobile Emulator for mac

Opera Mobile Emulator for mac is a small, native app which is easy to install and runs exactly its mobile phone version code. This ensures that the test environment is practically identical to the end users experience. It works exactly on your desktop as it works on your smartphone browser.


• Developer luxury- easy to install on your desktop.
• Opera dragonfly- using its toolkit perform mobile CSS, performance debugging and JS
• Profile selector
• Powerful user interface
• Window scaling
• Full browser reset on startup
• Customized user settings

iPhone Simulator for mac

iPhone simulator for Mac allows you to experience the gaming features of your iPhone in your Mac. It creates a user-friendly environment to access iOS apps in Mac. With its growing popularity, it is being installed by many users and wants to test their websites on all those devices. Within a simulation environment, the settings and files exist on every device you test.

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• Customizable settings
• Simulator window- home, lock, and screenshot buttons
• Other options including- toggle keyboard, toggle in- call status bar, etc.
• Real GPS data
• Compass
• Push notifications

Affinic Debugger for mac

ADG, Affinic debugger for Mac is designed to be your GUI (graphics user interface) for many debuggers. This targets GDB and GNU debuggers. Its main goal is to provide the best debugging experience for any user.


• GDB/ LLDB terminal
• Assembly debugging
• Thread debugging
• Remote debugging
• Disassemble
• Memory update

Reveal for mac

Reveal, a powerful iOS developer tool allowing you to interact with the apps in fine, visually wonderful detail. It provides powerful tools like web inspector and firebug for iOS developers. Let’s you focus as view hierarchies get complexes. You can isolate them for better user experience.


• Instrument the apps
• Acts as a runtime inspector for iOS apps
• You can see the changes live
• Focus to not get deviated from
• Filtering- to search for classes, constraints, and views.
• Comprehensive inspectors
• Live edits
• App code integration
• Layouts
• Constraint participation
• Constraint ownership
• Visualize constraints
• Unparalleled accuracy

Some of these debugging tools are really helpful for the users in a great extent. Using these will save you lots of time which you can invest somewhere else.

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