Clipboard in Mac is not an impressive feature. You can copy one element at a time to reuse it later, as it has less storage capacity. To clipboard, you need some apps to help manage your data. Using clipboard manager apps you are capable of single out the images or text and copy them to a clipboard to use them later at other places.

To make use of existing Mac clipboard you need a lot of patience. Who can wait and show patience in these busy technology days! So make use of clipboard apps for Mac and make your content ready faster.

Here is a list of best clipboard apps for Mac Clipboard apps help make your work much faster and easy.

Sticky Notes for mac

You don’t have to write notes in separate applications anymore. Sticky Notes for Mac allows you to synchronize your notes from across all your devices. Your synchronized sticky notes are available on your office computer, your mobile, and your browser.

Sticky Notes Features

  • Not a chance for missing your files again
  • Free completely
  • Access files from anywhere across the world
  • Files are password protected
  • Settings and themes can be customized

If you, unfortunately, delete the app by mistake, you have no problem. You can download the app again and enter your login with your id to retrieve all your notes. Using Windows, Linux, Mac, I Google,, and you can share your notes across online.

Copy Clip – Clipboard History Manager

Copy clip is the simplest yet efficient clipboard manager for your Mac. It runs in a more cautious way from your menu bar letting you find the snippet of text you are looking for. This app can store all your data that you cut or copied in the past.

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Unlike other clipboard managers, it cannot copy images but is only capable of copying the data in the form of text including data from tables. It is completely free. There are no hotkeys to access the library. To access the library, click on the icon on the menu bar and select the snippet from the drop down the library to copy. In order to save the disk space, you can set the limit of the snippets that copy clip will save.

Paste Master for mac

Paste Master is an impressive clipboard manager with a nice interface. You can store unlimited snippets, you can choose how many to the app can store. It also stores images and tables along with the text. It displays up to 99 particulars so that you can choose from them easily for re-use.

This app recognizes text type like Apple Data Detectors for you to paste them elsewhere especially. Also, it offers pin boards which can organize snippets into URLs and code snippets. The search feature allows you to find your snippets easily and effectively.

Quokka for mac

Quokka, a clipboard app for Mac allows the user to with fully functional clipboards which you can access from keyboard shortcuts. You can improve your productivity in writing with the use of this app and can avoid programs and windows switches.

It can copy all kinds of data like images, text, and tables all at a time to increase the ease of use. Through floating window option you can view your clipboards. Quokka can be used either from the menu bar or the dock. The main advantage is, it can save clipboards even after system restart.

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Clips for mac

Clips’ is a big time saver for those who use same text several times and in several applications like in forms, programmers. When you start clips, it starts recording your data which you have copied for later use. It sits either on your doc or menu bar.

Features of clips for mac

  • Smart clipboards- you can create smart clips with user defined rules.
  • Boards interface- disperses clips across the screen allows you to browse them visually.
  • Panel interface
  • Organizer- displays clips as thumbnails or list form and user can filter them according to the application
  • Abbreviations- select an abbreviation which is replaced by long text

It is more than just a clipboard app. The panel interface floats over other applications and is semi-transparent which allows you to quickly access your most recent clips’ which is a real time saver.

Clip Edit for mac

If you are a frequent clipboard user, then it is for you. You can edit your clips using this app. You can crop and zoom in image clips. Text clips can be edited like any other text file. You can export internet address to internet clips for editing. Its custom settings allow the user to make changes to the settings accordingly to the user.

Simidude for mac

With Simidude, you can copy the content from one device and can paste it in another device. Through a simple drag and drop option you are able to drag folders, files, HTML addresses between the computers over your network.
It synchronizes the clipboards for all the users within the network.

It’s running memory allows you to manage your clips easily. It automatically gets connected to every device in the network without installing it on every device separately.

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Fly Cut for mac

Fly cut, an open source clip board manager specifically designed for developers. You can synchronise your clipboard library with Dropbox and also can change the hotkeys.

Best used for snippets of URLs, codes and basic text. Doesn’t copy images and tables, you need to find an alternative app for this. This app records automatically your paste record activity and clips are independently saved on status bar menu.

PopClip for mac

Pop clip comes to the line when you select the text. It instantly access copy and paste, extensions like send to… If you select the URLs or path of the file, Pop clip opens them instantly.

Misspelled words are corrected when you select them. Selecting a text allows you to search them on web and a single word to know the dictionary definition. Many extensions are available like saving to Evernote, translate, word count, paste and match style, capitalize and many more.

Command-C for mac

Clip boards between personal devices can be best shared by the use of command-c clip board app. Using share option you can copy from one device and can paste it in other device. You will receive notifications when you receive a new clipboard.

ICloud service lets you pair between your devices. It allows you to share the clip boards among the devices which are not in the same network, through Bluetooth, peer-to-peer Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi.

Most of them are only capable of capturing and saving from the clipboard. Any of these can help you increase your productivity. Combining them with some other Mac apps leave you having a great experience with Mac which you never felt ever before.

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