Virtual Desktop Manager allows the user to organize and distribute the workload on a computer. These are designed to expand the physical limit of the display area of the screen. To organize the desktop clutters, they act as VDI (Virtual Desktop Interface) which allows you to manage the virtual space.

If you have a really small screen device, then using virtual desktop manager you can extend your display size to enjoy the bigger display effect. Virtual desktop managers (VDM) are the best when working with small screens and you have the option of attaching another device to your current device. They enhance the power of watching a quality picture on the large screens. Go through the list to know which VDM suits you best.

iDisplay Desktop for mac

Virtual Desktop Manager for mac

iDisplay is used as an interactive wireless display connecting your mac and iPad or iPhone or iPod to give you the experience of a bigger screen. It works with both WiFi or 30- pin cable and lightning with almost no latency connection on the iOS.

You can increase your productivity by increasing your display size by 44 % more. A user can connect up to 10 devices to a single Mac. It can be used as a regular secondary display. It is supported on android and windows devices too.

Reflector for mac

Reflector acts as an AirPlay receiver to let you put your iOS screen on your Mac. You can record the broadcast from your iOS devices letting you have a great training effect. It is a combination app with reflector director which allows to remotely managing the reflector connected devices.

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This connects with reflector director together with no in between connections. To pair easily it uses Bluetooth, QR code or quick connect code (TM).

AirServer for mac

Using air server on your Mac allows your device to act as a universal mirroring receiver. Through air server, you can mirror your device display using Google cast or AirPlay simultaneously or one by one. Retina quality monitoring enhances the quality of the picture. Professional videos can be recorded with an ultra-high quality recording of your mirroring sessions. Your files transmitted across are protected with encryption.

ShareMouse for mac

ShareMouse for mac

Within your network, share mouse can help you share your mouse and keyboard with the connected devices seamlessly. Your cursor jumps to the other device when it reaches the other device border. No need of using KVM switch, USB switch or any other hardware devices.For easy file transfers among the devices of your network, it allows the user to drag and drop files. It additionally acts as a clipboard manager, 2-in-1 app compatibility.

Divvy for mac

If you are browsing through multiple windows on your device then divvy is really a very helpful tool. You can effortlessly check through those windows simultaneously to improve the efficiency of your work and reduce much time.

You can organize your windows the way you want on the screen exactly. You can make custom settings for each window and assign them shortcuts. So when you open that window automatically it will get repositioned to earlier set place. As it is compatible with the devices over your network, there is no need of editing workplace on each device

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TotalSpaces for mac

TotalSpaces for mac - virtual Desktop Manager for mac

Total spaces’ for mac is best suited for heavy space users. An user can manage your windows on the desktop from overview grid to bird eye view. Just by moving your mouse you can trigger the overview grid. To define your grids you can navigate up, down, right and left.

It displays an overview of desktops and allows you to drag windows among the devices connected to your network. It allows the user to assign the apps by the way you want them on your desktop. You can choose between the transitions- slide, cube and others and can turn off them to speed up your device.

Illuminate for mac

As the feature alt+ tab in windows, it allows the mac user to cycle through the windows. It provides large and easily accessible big window thumbnails to prevent your eyes from squinting. This feature is also supported in the browsers like safari and Google chrome.

Using quick switch option you can enter the file name or part of it to directly jump to the desired window if you have opened many windows and it really being difficult to navigate through many windows.

Blacksmith for mac

Blacksmith is a virtual desktop manager and portable tool which works well with your mac devices. You can switch between 6 windows at a time with the help of your mouse or preassigned keyboard hot keys. To switch between the windows, hold and press middle mouse button to left and right to switch between the windows. As it is available in portable mode, it doesn’t need installation especially.

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Virtual Desktop managers are the real game changers when it comes to working on small screen devices. They act as a projector to enhance your working capability through retina quality monitoring which helps improving the quality of picture when viewed the small screen pictures on the large screens. These are best for the movie lovers, gamers, video freaks and many more over the planet

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