Code editors are most common even for a beginner in programming world. It is mainly because of their functionality which is universal. There are wide ranges of possible functions a code editor can do from making a note to programming.

No matter what programming language you use to develop code, you need a tool to make a note of the programming code. Programming makes much easy when you use code editors. These enhance your work in a much better way. Here after a thorough research, we come with a list of 11 such code editors to enhance your work experience. Go through these to know more about them and know which serves your needs best.

Brackets for mac

Brackets for mac

Brackets’ for mac is an open source code editor by Adobe for web design and development for CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. It comes with quick edit user interface to put your code and edit with inline tools.

It offers strong extension framework which can be installed through extension manager. Through its live preview feature, you can directly work with your browser to push code edits instantly. You can navigate easily between your browser view and source code.

Features of Brackets for mac

  • Inline editors
  • Processor support
  • Line preview
  • With these features enabled, you love coding in brackets.

Taco HTML Edit for mac

Taco for mac is a fully featured PHP and HTML editor. The advanced features include live browser previewing, error check; spell check, PHP previewing and more.

Features for Taco HTML Edit

  • Component Library
  • Code completion
  • Preview
  • Code coloring
  • Code clips
  • Code folding
  • Navigator

It comes with 30 days free trial version. You can continue using it later if you like and go for a premium to enjoy its features fullest.

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TextMate for mac

Text mate can be used for working with loads of programming in the short span of time. It completes automatic actions like closing a bracket, most often forgettable thing while coding. This reduces the number of bugs eventually.

Features of Text Mate

  • Search and replace in the project
  • Auto indenting
  • Foldable code blocks
  • Auto pairing
  • Clipboard history
  • Recordable macros

With all these wonderful features who can skip using text mate for mac. As in the name, it is the best mate for you.

BBEdit for mac

BBEdit for mac

A Developer can code with a clean and distraction free environment using BBEdit code editor. It can be integrated with almost all web browsers helping you to website prototyping and quick previews.

Features of BBEdit

  • Plain, yet powerful user interface- auto completion of general words and syntaxes
  • Mark down support- formatting triggers in text and convert to valid HTML
  • Extensive language support- HTML, javascript, C++, PHP, python, Ruby etc.
  • Code folding, clippings, and macros
  • FTP, SFTP open and save
  • Complete set of robust HTML tools

It is available for 30 days free trial version. To continue enjoying its features in the fullest form you can purchase it later.

Real Studio for mac

It is a Rapid Application Development (RAD) environment providing the developers with increased productivity over other cross-platform tools like Xamarin and is compatible with visual basic. Real Studio utility helps you to convert visual basics to a real studio and can be compiled on different Oss including Mac, windows, and Linux. You can build stand-alone, native applications.

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Features of Real Studio for mac:

  • Drag and drop- native support controls, code editing, alignment guides
  • Autocomplete- syntax coloring, code assistants, block lines.
  • Powerful framework- Database, XML, regular expressions in coding language
  • Extensible plug-in development
  • Unicode language support with over 9 languages.
  • Socket control and SOAP enabled

Visual Studio Code for mac

Visual studio can combine streamlined UI of HTML editor with rich code assistance and navigation and integrated debugging experience.

Features of Visual Studio code

  • IntelliSense- provides smart completions on function definitions, variable type, and imported modules.
  • Print statement debugging- debug the code from the editor itself with breakpoints, interface console, and call stacks.
  • Built-in Git commands- stage files, review diffs and make commits
  • Extensible and customizable- to get more features
  • VS code for many programming languages- Ruby, HTML, Javascript etc.

Hex Editor for mac

Hex Editor for mac

It is a hexadecimal file editor which handles both resource and data forks. The hex editor is a great editor tool lets you handle large data files of up to 4 GB. Hex editor compares the files for variations and asymmetries.

Features of Hex Editor for mac:

  • Small footprints
  • Insert, re-arrange and delete
  • Fast and smart saving
  • Data inspector
  • Embeddable
  • Data inspector
  • Checksum utility

CSS Edit for mac

CSS Edit makes editing style much more intuitive and easy. It is best suited for advanced and beginners. Using this you can simplify the task of extracting the style sheets by inputting the URL from any website. Making it easy to learn structures and define the presentation of XML and HTML documents.

Features of CSSEdit

  • Validation tool
  • Visual editors
  • Instant preview
  • Superuser interface
  • Extract style sheets with what you see is what you get technique
  • Customizable options
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Oxygen XML Editor for mac

Oxygen XML for mac is a complete XML authoring and development platform providing the must have tools to work with the wide range of XML technologies and standards. It requires Java programming to run on the device. 1.6.0 and later versions of Java are compatible with mac.

Features of Oxygen XML Editor

  • XML validation
  • XML schema modeling
  • Single source XML publishing
  • Intelligent XML editing
  • XSL/ XSLT support
  • Native XML and Relational database
  • Access to CMS and Remote resources
  • Configuration to open source projects

Hex Fiend for mac

Hex Fiend for mac is a free, fast and clever hex editor having many unique features. This does not allow the files to be stored in its memory which increases the performance. Works well even with large files of size 118 GB.

Features of Hex Fiend

  • Insert, rearrange and delete
  • Binary differentiation
  • Smart and efficient saving
  • Can be embeddable
  • Data Inspector.
  • Small footprint

Editra for mac

Editra for mac is a multi-platform text editor which implements the focus on creating features that help in the development of code and easy to use interface. It is supported by 30 different programming languages.


  • Sleek and easy to use interface
  • Performance can be improved with plug-ins
  • Large scale programming support

The best advice we can give to choose the best among these for your needs is, try using them with their trial versions. If you are comfortable working with them you can always get a chance to upgrade.

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