An IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is a software for the development of programming languages by the development team who need more than a code editor. It also provides intelligent suggestions and is capable of inserting classes.

IDEs are vital in dealing with huge projects and code bases. If you are a beginner with less knowledge they come with helping hands to get to know them well. If you are a programmer with high-end languages then you will agree that programming with IDE is comfortable and makes sense in a great way.  Here is a list of best IDE for mac:

Apple XCode for mac

Apple XCode for mac - Official IDE for mac from Apple

Xcode has everything a developer need to create wonderful applications for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Tv, Apple Watch and for all Apple products. Xcode, which has included an IDE with a swift programming language which makes developing apps easy and fun to work with.

Xcode includes simulators, swift and objective C compilers, code IDE, instrument analysis tool, latest SDKs, and a number of powerful features.

Features of Apple XCode

  • Innovative tools that help in creating great apps
  • Pixel perfect UI with interface builders
  • Interface builders
  • Swift 3
  • Editor extensions
  • Reports Runtime issues
  • Signing in is easy and powerful

Android SDK Tools for mac

Android is an open mobile phone platform which is developing and creates the opportunity to fiddle with the platform to create new interesting work. The kit includes everything you need to install. The Android SDK gives you reliable yet fast development environment to work with.


  • Intelligent code editor
  • Feature rich and fast emulator
  • Flexible and robust build system
  • Git Integration and code templates
  • Comprehensive development kit
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Unity for mac

Unity provides a scalable and stable platform to create captivating content which is efficient and works on low to high-end hardware. It comes with an Ageia PhysX Physics Engine. This is only for Mac users which support high-end development tool sporting stylish, no friction workflow, pro- app GUI and top line technical features.

Features of Unity for mac:

  • Powerful and development tools
  • Highly optimized scripting
  • Easy scene management
  • Efficient in rendering
  • Included VR features
  • In-app purchase made easy

Xmplify for mac

Xmplify app for mac

XML editor includes many tools, making ML editing much easier. It supports pre- defined and customizable code templates. File tools are used like tail, head, delete, copy, move, and regular expression search


  • File system browser
  • FTP and SFTP client
  • Validators
  • Web development tools
  • File comparison
  • Syntax highlighting with over 20 programming languages

Diff Merge for mac

Diff Merge, an application to compare and merge files visually for Mac users. Graphically shows the difference between 2 files including for editing the intra- line highlighting support.


  • Fast and reliable tool
  • Configurable to provide customized behavior and experience
  • Folder diff
  • Windows explorer integration
  • Allows automatic merging and full control on editing the end file

Eclipse SDK For mac

Eclipse: iPad wallpapers HD

Eclipse is an open extensible IDE. T is composed with JDT (Java Development tools) and PDE (Plug- in development environment). These two builders are allowed to develop independent tools which can be later integrated according to the user.


  • Embedded and device development
  • ALM (Application Lifecycle Management)
  • SOA (Service Oriented Architecture)
  • Enterprise development
  • High-end Internet applications
  • Super client platform
  • Application Frameworks
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Apple iPhone SDK for mac

Apple’s iPhone developer provides a complete integrated process for developing, distributing free commercials, debugging and in-house apps for iPod and iPhone. The SDK includes iPhone simulator, shark analysis tool, compiler, instruments and Xcode IDE.


  • Utilize advanced app capabilities
  • Access app analytics
  • Test flight- test your apps
  • Can distribute your apps worldwide

Axiomatic Multi-Platform C

Axiomatic Multi- Platform C is an IDE which generates Java Bytecodes. The resultant executable will run on any VM (Java Virtual Machine). Sing C language the programmer develops the application code on JVM enabled devices like smartphones, gaming consoles, PDAs, set-top boxes, automotive systems and more.


  • Axiomatic C Compiler
  • ANSI C Library
  • Project Navigator
  • Source Code Editor
  • APIs (Application Programming Interfaces)
  • Jasmin Assembler
  • Activities Logger

Green Foot for mac

Green Foot for Mac is an IDE which makes working with simulations through Java. Beginners can get to know in detail with the documentation and demo scenarios provided along with the toolkit.


  • Fixed Finch compatibility
  • Can export games to web pages
  • Best for learners
  • Integrated UI which gives a user a great flexibility.

Coding has become more popular and being involved in many life’s. These IDE tools can help you minimize your work pressure and enhances the ease of coding.

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