Looking for a Best presentation app for Mac? We are here happy to help you with the list of some great applications which will give your work a professional touch.

Apple Keynote for Mac: Apple’s Official Presentation app for mac

Apple Keynote for Mac - Apple's Official Presentation app for mac

Developed by Apple for MAC users, this application helps you in the Easy creation of superb and up to the mark presentations. Keynote gives your presentation the best effect with an easy to use tool. Once you have to choose the perfect canvas for your presentation, then you can simply replace the placeholder text and graphics with your own words and images.

Using this presentation app for mac, you can add tables, charts, shapes, photos, and videos to slides and make your presentation a benchmark for you fellows.

Keynote for Mac Features:

  • Easy to use options and cool interface
  • Makes you and your team able to work together in real time on various devices
  • A group can work on single project at the same time
  • Supports various apple devices like Mac, iPad or iPhone
  • Take advantage of image and movie size optimization
  • Import a wide range of media types including JPEG, TIFF, PNG, PSD, EPS, PDF, AIFF, MP3, AAC, and MOV
  • Share as Movie to Facebook, Vimeo, and YouTube

PowerPoint for Mac: Microsoft’s official Presentation app for mac

We are well known for the fact about a PowerPoint presentation’s looks. Now the Microsoft’s official Presentation app is available for Mac device too. So with PowerPoint, you can easily create presentations using Images, tables, charts, Smart Art, transitions, and animations.

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PowerPoint’s Features:

  • View email attachments and access all your PowerPoint presentations from OneDrive, Dropbox, OneDrive for Business or SharePoint.
  • Pick up from where you left off because when you edit a presentation, your content and formatting are maintained across all your devices – PC, Mac, tablet, and phone.
  • Work simultaneously with others on the same presentation.
  • Simply share your work with others by emailing a hyperlink, the file or a PDF.
  • Get tasks done faster, with multitasking. Run PowerPoint for iPad side by side with other applications

ProPresenter for Mac: Another Best Presentation app for mac

ProPresenter for Mac - Another Best Presentation app for mac

Want to work like a professional on your presentations? ProPresenter is all you need. It is a cross-platform available both for Mac and Windows devices. It is designed to make high-quality live productions easy – including worship gatherings, sporting events, conferences, or studio broadcasts.

In the latest version, ProPresenter gives you more tools for diverse productions and focuses on unparalleled video presentation quality, tighter social media integration, and enhanced editing tools.

ProPresenter’s Features:

  • A professional tool for Mac
  • Extraordinary Output Quality
  • Easy to use
  • Social Connect.

FotoMagico for Mac

FotoMagico for Mac

Planning to make slideshows from photos to re-live the memories then you must try FotoMagico. With FotoMagico it is super-easy to create basic slideshows from still images. Now create a memory from the memories as it blends iLife-style simplicity with a robust set of tools for creating impressive, visually rich slideshows in up to 4K resolution.

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Whether it’s for a wedding, to enhance travel videos, family memories or any personal moments enjoy it with FotoMagico. It sports a very clean and intuitive yet powerful user interface. High image quality, fast performance, and user flexibility were some of the design goals for this application.

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FotoMagico for mac features:

  • Reusable snippets, pre-built stories
  • Improved text editing, placeholders
  • Dark user interface
  • Burn DVDs of your slideshow with iDVD or Roxio Toast.
  • Put your slideshow on the new iPod.
  • Export in almost any QuickTime format.

PowerMaker for Mac: All-in-one Presentation app for mac

PowerMaker is a fully developed Text/Word Processor and Presentation/Slide Show Manager. The name is derived from two commercial programs i.e. PowerPoint 98 and FrameMaker 4. It is designed by keeping the fact in mind that a document consists of pages with content and content consists of graphical objects and text containers with paragraph formatting.

The layout of pages is derived from layout page definitions (master pages). So if you know how to operate either one, you should rapidly feel familiar.

Features of PowerMaker for mac:

  • Converted into SourceForge Open Source Project
  • Zoom Window
  • made compiling and showing some functionality
  • Help links to VersionTracker and SourceForge

Pear Note for Mac

The Pear Note is the presentation app for mac which helps you to Record everything on your device. Integrate the traditional text notes with audio. Pear Note lets you navigate to the end of the notes you did take, so you can listen to or watch what was going on when you zoned out.

Pear Note’s Features:

  • Instantly jump to anywhere in the recording by tapping the text.
  • Rich text notes, including bulleted, and numbered lists, highlighting, and text styles
  • Search to help you find your notes quickly
  • Background recording to keep recording if you switch to another app
  • Play back video synced from laptop/desktop computers running Pear Note
  • Universal app runs on iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch
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FlowVella: Best Presentation app for mac to connect with Audience

FlowVella - Best Presentation app for mac to connect with Audience

FlowVella lets you interact your audience with your presentations. It allows combining words, images, video, links, galleries, and PDFs to turn your story into an interactive conversation.

Using FlowVella you can quickly and easily create beautiful, interactive presentations using images, sounds, text, videos, PDFs, links and photo galleries and post them to the web to share with anyone on any device.

FlowVella Features:

  • Bundled with over 25 (and more coming) professionally designed templates
  • Options to save the presentations in the cloud
  • Supports various formats
  • Privacy options
  • Share via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, email, or copy the share link
  • Easy to create, edit and customize options.

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