Install MacOS Sierra on External hard drive – Follow these simple steps to download & install MacOS Sierra 10.12 on an External Hard drive.
In this article, we are going to install MacOS Sierra in external hard drive. MacOS Sierra 10.12 is the thirteenth release of MacOS released on 27th October 2016. MacOS was earlier referred as Mac OS X, and MacOS Sierra is a successor of Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11. Mac’s operating system was rebranded from Mac OS X to MacOS in June 2016. The name Sierra is taken from California’s Sierra Nevada mountain range.

Prerequisite to install MacOS Sierra on External Hard Drive

  • Get one external hard drive with higher i/o operation speed, possibly with USB 3.0 port.
  • Internet Access (to download MacOS Sierra online) and,
  • MacBook Air/Pro/iMac

How to Install MacOS Sierra 10.12 in External Hard Drive

  • Step 1: Download MacOS Sierra

MacOS Sierra 10.12 OS installation file is 4.88GB, so you need a fast internet connection to download it fast. To download MacOS Sierra, go to App Store, and search for ‘MacOS Sierra’, and click on download. After the downloading starts, you can proceed to next steps.

  • Step 2: Format your external Hard Drive
  • Plug in your external hard drive to your mac
  • Open “Disk Utility” app
  • Select your hard drive in the disk utility app. Select “Partition”, In the “Partition Layout”, you should select “1 Partition” or at max “2Partition”. I had chosen 1 partition.


Give a name to your partition eg. “MacOS Sierra”. The partition format should be “Mac OS Extended (Journaled).

  • How to Install MacOS Sierra 10.12 in External Hard DriveNow click on “Options…” and select “GUID Partition Table” and then click on “OK”.Install MacOS Sierra on external hard drive
  • Finally click on “Apply” to format and partition your external hard drive.
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