CRM app for mac – Best customer relationship management tools for contacts, sales, Email, Address for Mac users for mac OS El Capitan & Sierra.
Customer relationship management is a very important aspect of any businesses. In order to meet the expectations of the customers, it is necessary to build a strong relationship with them and understand their needs. Here are some of the best CRM apps for mac which may help the business owners in managing the customers, contacts, meetings and other aspects conveniently.

PipeDrive for Mac: Best Sales CRM tool for mac

PipeDrive for Mac - Best Sales CRM tool for mac

This CRM app for mac is specially designed by keeping the sales people in mind. This application has convenient features which include Account Hierarchy, Account consolidation ,and Expansion of Views.

With the account hierarchy feature, the users can assign one or more accounts underneath another or assign one account over the other accounts. Account consolidation feature one can easily merge two contacts into a single contact or account. The latest version of this application has expanded views. For instance, List and Contact Views have greatly expanded functionality.

Exporter for Contacts for Mac

Exporter for contacts for Mac is an excellent CRM app for mac which exports contact data from apple’s contacts in various formats. This application possesses the ability to organize export setups in customizable templates to make repeated exports much easier.

Exporter for contacts for mac enables you to export selected contacts and groups to CSV or Excel files apart from several other formats. Further, this application gives you the freedom to decide the order of the contact fields.

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Relationship for Mac: Most comprehensive CRM app for mac

Relationship for Mac is a comprehensive CRM app for mac having some of the most effective features which makes things much easier for you. This application offers complete contact view wherein you can not only add the typical details about the customers but also the name of the projects you share with them, meeting scheduled with them and much more.

This MAC CRM application enables you to handle a variety of tasks effortlessly. For instance, the tasks can be linked to relevant contacts or projects. You can also schedule your meeting and other events easily with the easy to use options of this application.

The time and place of the events and meetings can also be added. Integrated Email and Sticky Notes are some of the other convenient features of this application.

Contactizer Pro for Mac

Contactizer Pro for Mac is an integrated application which enables you to manage, share and organize personal as well as business information conveniently. The application lets you manage the projects and track their progress from time to time. It automatically summarizes all contact-related information in a single window.

It easily links Apple Mail messages to the relevant contacts in real time an lets you tag contacts, tasks, events, projects etc with multiple category labels. You can easily interlink all your contactizer objects as per your convenience. Invitation follow-up management, Built-in Google Map Search and Bluetooth phone pairing are some of the other excellent features of this application.

Element CRM tool for Mac

Elements CRM App for mac

Element CRM app for Mac is one of the most powerful CRM apps for mac using which you can track customer communication and follow-ups. You can also generate invoices and manage various aspects of a particular project.

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The application has an excellent intuitive design and is surely one of the most effective CRM applications for the Mac users. Free data import, training, support are some of the other inclusions of this application.

Abee for Mac

Abee for Mac is an application through which you can import contacts into Apple’s Address Book application on Mac. The app is useful in storing hundreds of contacts in the Mac OS X central address book.
From this central address book, you can use them through any application. In case you need to perform imports on a periodic basis, you can save the import mapping for the future.


If you are looking for a professional contact manager then Crm4mac is the perfect option for you. Your Mac OS X may have pre-installed applications like Address Book, iCal and Mail already; so this application perfectly links all these applications.

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Crm4Mac enables you to get a full insight in all relevant communications. With Crm4Mac all your emails, meetings and correspondence on paper are just a click away.

Pearlabelizer for Mac

Pearlaberizer for Mac is a simple and convenient application which perfectly prints the addresses or other information into various relevant labels of a label sheet. The application also supports drag and drop option directly from Mac OS X’s Address Book.

You can configure your own label sheet or print addresses for entire groups defined in Address Book too. Apart from drag and drop feature, you can also opt for global text view to enter an address or format it or print it on multiple labels.

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The application also has a service- function if you copy it into the application folders which enable you to just select the address in your text editor, choose the service-function from the Services Menu and finally, you can select the label on which you want to print the address.

PhoneValet for Mac

PhoneValet for Mac is a utility application which has over 50 essential features, including caller identification, voice mail with call trees, automated attendant, accurate and powerful dialing. Building corporate memory through call histories and recording is another smart feature of this application.

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This is a revolutionary CRM application as it possesses the ability to record, log, route, place, transfer and email calls for you conveniently.

Earth Addresser for Mac

This application extracts addresses from your Mac’s Contacts app, checks their location on the globe and writes them to a ‘KML’ which is used by Google Earth to display your contacts on the map. If specific pictures are added by you for your contacts, they will appear on the map instead of the drawing pin which appears generally.

These application has made contact and information management much simpler for the business owners. So, if you have been struggling to organize various aspects of your business then you may choose from the above mentioned CRM app for mac and make things much convenient.

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