It is a fact that today every student and professionals need to manage their documents as per their own convenience. With the best document management apps for mac, one can easily organize and edit import files and information. Here are some of the most effective applications powered with convenient features.

Adobe Reader for Mac

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Adobe reader for Mac is one of the most popular PDF reading software. Although, several PDF readers have been introduced in the recent past, Adobe Reader has always been the most preferred one.

The main function of Adobe Reader is to open PDF documents; however, it is the best tool to allow the user to navigate pages manually or through search. The number of preferences is absolutely amazing. Further, you can easily upload the files for sharing instantly on

OpenDocument Viewer for Mac: Cross-platform document viewer

OpenDocument Viewer for Mac is an excellent viewer for OpenDocument files. This application supports OpenDocument text files, presentations, and spreadsheets. It also possesses Standard navigation features like search and standard viewing features like pages view, print preview and changing text size. Document properties like word count etc are also inclusive in the application.

TIFF to Image Converter for Mac

TIFF to Image converter is an application which converts thousands of TIFF files into other image formats within just a few minutes. The app has a really simple and easy user interface which can convert multi-page TIFF into separate image formats in just a few clicks.

Formats such as jpeg, png, BMP, gif and tiff are easily supported by this application. Apart from converting the image format, you can also change the settings of the images as per the selected output options.

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PDF to Image Converter for Mac

PDF to Image converter is a powerful application which converts thousands of PDF files into image formats within few minutes. It has an easy user interface which converts multi-page PDF into multi-page TIFF or single page image in just a few clicks.

The application supports formats like jpg, jpeg, png, BMP, gif, emf, WMF, and tiff. The users can also change the image settings according to the selected output options.

PDF Merger Mac

PDF Merge for Mac perfectly combines several PDF’s into one particular file. Although this application performs only one task; however it does it quickly without any problems. The application opens up a medium-sized window where the files can be easily dragged and dropped.

The users can also manually select the files which need to be imported via + and – buttons at the bottom.Once the files are added, the main area lists them down by their title as well as location.

Soda PDF for Mac

Soda PDF for Mac is a powerful intuitive application for creating, opening and editing PDF documents. The app has a modular format which lets you install only the modules which you actually require. For instance, you may install the modules required to create PDF’s or add password protection to PDF’s.

The application launches all the components very quickly. Further, the interface loads all its components quickly. The interface looks professional and is quite easy to navigate.

TIFF Splitter for Mac

TIFF Splitter for Mac is an amazing application which splits several TIFF files into other image formats within just a few minutes. It has a powerful and quite an easy user interface which is used to split multi-page TIFF into single or Multi-page TIFF or into various image formats in just a few clicks.

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With TIFF splitter for mac, you can split TIFF into various image formats such as jpeg, png, BMP, gif and tiff. In order to fulfill various requirements of the user, the app provides different options to select the pages in the Input and Output files.

iDocument for Mac

Best document management app for mac

iDocument is one of the best document management apps for mac which has an excellent PDF manager. It is specially designed for the mac users to manage important documents like PDF, assignments, business files, PPT’s, eBooks etc.

In order to manage documents on mac, it supports popular formats like PDF, keynotes, powerpoint, Doc, NeoOffice, OpenOffice, XLS etc. It has an auto organizing system which can easily help you in managing, sharing and searching your documents in integrated mac document management software.

Yep for Mac

Yep for Mac is another document management app for mac ; which enables you to view your documents with the help of an easy user interface. It lets you search and view various documents and also offers the ability to save the documents into a file in the Documents folder.

This application also provides scanning support and drag and drop text or image making feature within the application itself. Yep for mac is compatible with OS X 10.8.2 and later versions.

PDF password recovery for Mac

With this application, you can easily remove or recover lost password of your PDF document. In case your PDF is password protected, then PDF password recovery for Mac will help you in retrieving the user as well as owner’s password.

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The best part about this application is that you can easily recover the passwords even if you are not able to recall even a single character from the key combination. It retrieves password with the help of smart recovery methods such as brute-force.

So, if you are unable to open a password protected document, then this is one of the best application to unlock it and browse your important information.

If you have been struggling to arrange, organize and classify your documents, then you can pick some of the best document management apps for mac from the above-mentioned list.

These applications have been designed to suit various requirements of the business professionals as well as the students. The above-mentioned apps are not only easy to install but their easy user interface enables you to manage and sort out things with utmost convenience. Now, you can systematize and arrange your important documents with just a few clicks.

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