Offline Browser for mac – Browse a website without internet connection using one of these mac offline web browsers on Mac OS El Capitan & Sierra.
We often need to browse some of the web pages offline as we may not have the access to internet anywhere and everywhere. Interestingly, there are some of the brilliant offline browsers for mac which enables the user to access the required web pages as and when required.

Web Devil for mac: Offline browser for mac to download public web directories

Web Devil is an offline browser for mac for downloading Web sites for offline browsing, extracting Web site content, helping to maintain Web sites for content authors, and more. It also has filtering capabilities, so it only downloads what you want, and has a simple to use interface.

The interface is simple and easy to use, the user just needs to enter the URL and click on the link to download it. Other than that, this offline browser for mac also comes with several powerful tools for downloading and processing web content with utmost convenience.
Email extractor, batch URL downloader, and incremental downloader are some of the best facets of this application.

SiteSucker for mac

SiteSucker for mac is another offline browser for mac which downloads the websites automatically from the internet. It carry’s out this function by copying the site’s HTML documents, backgrounds, images and movies and other files into users local hard drive.

The user just needs to enter the URL and click on it. SiteSucker possesses the ability to download unmodified files which enable the users to browse a site off-line.

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WebCopier for mac

WebCopier for mac - Best Offline browser for mac

With WebCopier for mac, the users can record the websites and store them locally and view them as and when required. This tool completely copies the websites, magazines or stock quotes. This is a perfect tool for students who wish to save huge study materials for later study.

Getleft for mac

Getleft is another Offline browser for mac which completely downloads the websites to the user’s hard disk. The application changes the original pages and all the links are changed to relative links so that users can browse the website on their respective hard disks.

Getleft for mac has some wonderful features; for instance, it resumes downloading of the files if they are interrupted somehow. Further, it also filters the content and doesn’t download files as commanded by the users. The users also get a site map before downloading.

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Blue Crab for mac – Best Offline browser for mac

Blue Crab is an elaborate offline browser for mac through which the users can copy contents of a website to their respective computers.

The application lets the user conduct fast and quick offline browsing without an internet connection. They can perform batch downloads of the URL’s and also create snapshots of the websites. The users can also collect images or email ids for later usage.

Pocket for mac

Pocket for mac - Offline browser for mac

Pocket for mac saves videos, photos, and articles for viewing in offline mode later. It has a simple interface which enables the user to carry out functions like sharing, adjusting text size and tagging. The search field at the bottom left enables the user to carry out a quick search for the articles and tags.

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FlickrFetchr for mac: Offline browser for mac for Flickr photos

FlickrFetchr for mac is a wonderful application for downloading photos in the Flickr set album at the desktop. The application always downloads the highest quality of the image if multiple copies are available.

SiteCapture for mac

SiteCapture for mac

SiteCapture for mac is a tool for which loads a set of web pages and creates images in the required format, and all this is done with just one click. With this application, the users can fill their respective websites with screenshots effortlessly.

Now you can browse through your favorite websites even when you don’t have access to an internet connection with the best offline browser for mac according to your choice.

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