newsreader for mac – read the latest news & participate in discussions at your favorite newsgroups with these newsreader apps for mac OS EL Capitan & Sierra.
Do you want to keep yourself updated with latest news and happenings around you? Are you addicted to reading newspapers? If so then you must download some of the best newsreaders for mac. With these applications, you can easily stay connected with the world of news and keep yourself updated.

MT-NewsWatcher for Mac: Usenet newsreader for mac

MT-NewsWatcher for Mac is an excellent application which makes news reading a faster and better experience. Some of the best features of this application include message filtering, spell checking, speech recognition, and multi-threading.

These features enable the user to perform various commands at a time. MT- NewsWatcher for Mac is compatible with Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later versions.

Net NewsWire for Mac

NetNewsWire for mac - newsreader for mac

Net NewsWire for Mac is a power packed newsreader for mac which is meant for the users who want more RSS features than that provided by Safari and Mail. The application is easy to use and has viewing modes and feed reading features which make it completely professional application.

Users can view full screen, in tabs or combined and also create smart lists to keep their favorite items organized properly. Its RSS reader previews new feeds in the interface which saves the user from opening the browser again and again. The users can also sort various items by headlines, column, time and date.

SABnzbd for Mac: Free binary newsreader for mac

SABnzbd for Mac - Free binary newsreader for mac

Sabnzbd for Mac is a web-interface based binary news grabber which has some excellent features.  Once installed, the users can download files from their news shot. They can also access the news client from any reliable internet connection.

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Users can connect from anywhere and command SABnzbd to download. Once the required file is downloaded the application repairs the download, unpacks it and also cleans up unnecessary things making things easy for the users.

Diiva for Mac

Diiva is a newsreader application for images which enables the user to browse through the encoded images in various newsgroups more easily than in any other program. The best facet about thing application is that it automatically categorizes the pictures manages the archive of downloaded pictures and displays image previews.

Newsmac for Mac

NewsMac brings together all the news websites which you prefer reading the most at one place. It also enables you to view the latest headlines and when you are interested in reading a particular news feed.  you are just a click away from reading the entire story in your chosen web browser.

You are just a click away from reading the entire story in your chosen web browser. This application is compatible with Mac OS X 10.3 and later versions.

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Unison for Mac

Unison for Mac is a wonderfully created newsreader for Mac which presents some of the most excellent features to the users. It lets the user participate in easy to navigate threaded discussions. The users can ignore the posts which don’t interest them and also manage multiple signatures.

The users can ignore the posts which don’t interest them and also manage multiple signatures. This application is free and unlocked for the Mac users. Further, it adds multi-connection downloads which enables faster transfers.

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MacSoup for Mac

MacSoup is another excellent newsreader for mac which lets the user read the news offline. Apart from Usenet newsgroups, the user can also read emails in offline mode.

NZB Drop for mac and UseNEXT are some of the other recommended newsreaders for mac. So, if you are looking for some the best applications to keep yourself updated with current news headlines or wish to participate in newsgroups for discussions then you definitely have a lot of options.

The above-mentioned applications are embraced with some of the unique features which not only let you stay updated with latest news feeds but also enable you to read and download the posts which interest you the most.

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