Firefox Plugin for mac – Choose from a list of plugins and Firefox add-ons for mac to enhance your browsing experience on Mac OS El Capitan & Sierra.
Plugins are one of the most important requisites for a browser as they help in the functioning of various applications. If you are a mac user and are looking for some effective firefox plugin for mac then the below-mentioned plugins are definitely meant for you.

Firefox plugin for mac - firefox addons for mac

Web Video Downloader Firefox plugin for Mac

Web Video Downloader for Firefox for Mac is a free video download tool which enables you to capture, fetch and download video and save it from the internet.You can use this Firefox plugin for mac to download web videos of different format including, flv, swf, wmv, asf, avi,mov, rm and rmvb.

It also helps you to download Youtube, Google and MSN videos with utmost convenience. One of the most convenient features of this plugin is that it helps in downloading streaming videos, download embedded Flash videos and download FLV and all Flash SWF at one click.

Firefox Sync for mac

Firefox Sync is an extension to Firefox which has now reached its first beta version. This Firefox plugin for mac enables you to sync browser data across various computers and devices. Once this plugin is installed it in Firefox and create an account they are simply ready to go.

Firefox Synch helps you in synchronizing browser data between multiple devices. You can choose the data which you need to sync and also select the way they should be synced. For instance, you can merge the data between your local computer and server, from your local computer to server or vice versa

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Twonky Beam for iBeam

Twonky Beam firefox plugin for mac enables you to beam the media which has been stored on your mobile or home media server videos, photos, and music. This plugin for firefox gives you an effective and simple way to search and enjoy the internet videos with your phone or tablet and have an excellent experience by beaming them to your TV or other home media players.

When you browse through your favorite websites or come across new exciting websites, Twonky Beam for iBeam will show a Beam button over the media which is bearable. Further, you can browse through multiple pages at once and create and manage bookmarks for your most visited websites.

Google Gears firefox plugin for mac:

Google Gears is one of the Google’s foremost forays to the Web 2.0 as it enables the users to download RSS feeds in different applications such as Google reader to their hard drive for reading later.

The Google gear users get something better with the new version as it has been extended to Google Calendar, Google Docs and any application which has been developed in Ajax.

Once you install Google Gears, it prompts you to whether you wish to sync the application you’re viewing with it. Synchronization doesn’t take much time and also doesn’t slow down the browser.

SmarterFox – A Unique Firefox plugin for mac:

FastestFox which was earlier known as SmarterFox is one of the most wonderful firefox plugins for mac as it enhances Firefox browsing. It showcases a clean looking bubble which is filled with customizable search engine shortcuts when a word or phrase is highlighted.

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When you type a query into Firefox address bar, this plugin offers suggestions as you type. It also shows icons for alternative search results page and repeats smaller version of these icons on Wikipedia pages along with an elaborate list of related articles.

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FaceBook Layouts for Mac: Best Firefox plugin for mac for Facebook

If you are a FaceBook addict and wish to change its layout then this is a firefox plugin for mac can be considered. Although it adds some flexibility to the social network’s design, it doesn’t always work as promised as it has limited options which actually appeal the users.

Yoonoo: Best Firefox Plugin for mac for Social Media

Yoonoo is an excellent firefox plugin for mac which lets you bring together all your social networks and chats. Further, it adds exquisite media to whatever is being viewed by you on the internet. If you want to get live updates from facebook or MySpace while browsing other websites then this is a perfect add-on for you.

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Samfind Bookmarks Bar for Firefox

If you want to browse your favorite websites faster then Samfind Bookmarks Bar for Firefox is a great plugin for you.
This add-on easily accommodates hundreds of websites on the Bar by organizing them depending upon the topic.

So, now you can integrate your present FF Bookmarks Toolbar websites on to your Bar with just one click.
Metacert is counted amongst other recommended firefox plugin for mac as it provides excellent features to the users.

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