Online shopping is addictive and so is bidding on the deals. Grabbing the best items at suitable rates is possible with bidding and shipping options. But, often a lot of time is wasting on finding good deals on chosen products.

If you are looking for an application for bidding on Ebay then you must be getting lots of options online. However, you must look out for smart features in these applications so that you have an edge over your bidding routine. Following are some of the best Ebay Auction App for mac having excellent features.

JoyBidder eBay Auction Sniper: Best Ebay auction app for mac

JoyBidder eBay Auction Snipper free version is excellent desktop software which helps in effectively monitor the eBay auctions. You can snipe bid on about 22 eBay sites with various eBay ID’s. This  Ebay auction app for mac helps you in tracking the item status and their respective prices with the visual/audio alert.

You can also view important information including location, shipping status, seller details, item activity and so on. It’s optional server sniping service is meant for extra convenience and reliability.

jBidwatcher for Mac

This Ebay auction app for mac has an easy and simple user interface which lets you search and bid on various eBay auctions. It possesses the ability to bet on your behalf seconds before a particular auction ends. Its drag and drop integration is meant for adding auctions from the browser.

Other features of this mac Ebay auction app include customizable double-click actions, My eBay integration and much more. If you are an online shopping freak, then you will definitely appreciate jBidwatcher for mac as it will surely help you in saving some money.

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GarageSale: Ebay Auction app for Mac

GarageSale Ebay auction app for mac

GarageSale for Mac is easy to use auction app for mac which makes bidding and managing your bids much more convenient and expedient. This application has been specially designed for the mac users and therefore features integration with iPhoto which helps in posting the pictures of the items instantly. It also presents WYSIWYG text editing, free image hosting and comes with more than 130 auction templates.

Pearl Bids: Silent Auction app for mac

PearlBids Ebay Auction app for mac

With Pearl Bids Ebay auction app for Mac the silent auctions become much easy, convenient and fun. This Mac auction app prints the bid sheets and enables you to brand the auction and manage your donations. You can set the start bid and bid step increment and the market value with this excellent application.

Pearl Bid for mac calculates each bid increase for you for the bid sheets. Further, you can keep a track of your donors and write thank you notes to them as and when required. You can email an accountant donation report and also collate attendee information and assign them dedicated bidding numbers.

Maxi Bidder for Mac

Maxi Bidder for Mac is specially designed for eBay bidders so that they can bid on various eBay auctions at the last minute without a computer. The option of last minute bidding is known as sniping and this saves a lot of time of the users.

The new version of Maxi bidder is easy to use and comes with a step by step user manual. So, if you are an avid eBay user and love bidding, then this auction app for is definitely meant for you.

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BayGenie eBay Auction Sniper for Mac

BayGenie eBay auction sniper for Mac tracks various relevant eBay auctions for you and places the bids automatically in the last few seconds before the end of the auction. Interestingly, you can snipe at various auctions simultaneously at a time. All you need to do is to pay the annual registration fee once and you are ready for unlimited bidding and sniping options.

The smart features include an integrated browser, support to the bidding groups, compatibility with various time zones, auto sniping lead time, multi-user support, auto update of new versions, fast data transmission, no pop-ups or spyware and much more.

Auction Data Wizard for Mac

Auction Data Wizard is an excellent tool which easily converts auction data files from AbeBooks, Amazon, eBay, etc. Further, this application assists the auction sellers in quick import, export and conversion of various files into the auction listing programs.

MyiBay Auction Bid Sniper

MyiBay Auction Bid Sniper for eBay is another auction app for mac users which enables them to place bids at the last seconds. Its sniping feature helps in keeping your interest a secret and avoiding counter bids from other users.

This application is perfect for the items for which the bids end at a non-convenient time. It supports all the eBay platforms, currencies and auction listing type and is therefore, an expedient application for one and all. It uses to place a snipe so you don’t always need to be online all the time to place your bids.

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AuctionSensor eBay Deal Search Tool for mac

Auction Sensor Ebay Auction Sniper for mac

If you are interested in grabbing some really great deals then AuctionSensor eBay Deal Search Tool for mac is an excellent app for you. This application automates run your searches at an interval of every 5minutes, so you don’t need to be online always to get some good deals.

This auction app for mac plays a sound alert or email alert the moment it finds something interesting. You if you have been spending a lot of time looking out for some interesting deals then your wait is over. Now you no longer have to chase suitable deals. With AuctionSensor eBay Deal Search Tool for mac, you may get the best ones without wasting much of time.

Bidding has now become a convenient and enjoyable thing with the auction apps for mac. These mac auction apps are easy to install and also present excellent features to match your requirement.

So if you are a regular bidder and have been wasting time hunting apt deals and placing the bids then you must get a suitable auction app for yourself. With these applications, you don’t have to wait for the bids to end. The sniping options in the applications conveniently place the bids on your behalf.

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