Browser plugin for mac – now browse your favorite websites and download things conveniently with these power-packed plugins & Addons for mac browsers.
Plugins are essentials for the functioning of various applications in a particular browser. They actually act as a backbone for some of the applications. If you are a mac user then here are some of the best browser plugins for mac device.

Adobe Flash Player for Mac: Most needed browser plugin for mac

Adobe Flash Player for mac is considered to be an essential browser plugin for mac for watching a video and playing various multimedia games over the internet. Adobe Flash Player 11 enables the user to view interactive demos.

The new 3D possibilities are the most wonderful facet of this particular version. Also, the sound emitted from this version is one of the effective improvements made to the plugin as it is quite close to Dolby Surround Sound.

Adobe Shockwave Player for Mac

Adobe shockwave player browser plugin for mac

Adobe Shockwave player  lets you play the Flash content which is being created with the help of Adobe Director. The latest version of this plugin does not show any errors while viewing any type of shockwave content. It is compatible with Mac OS X 10.7 and later versions.

Microsoft Silverlight for Mac

Microsoft Silverlight for Mac is a lightweight browser plugin for mac which enables you to watch and play Silverlight-based content in your browser. It supports major browsers including Firefox and Safari. The latest version of this plug-in has smoother streaming, DRM management and out of the browser player.

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Microsoft Silverlight for Mac streams high-resolution videos with utmost ease and also supports HD-quality videos. The plug-in also provides a flexible programming model which supports AJAX, VB, C#, Python and Ruby which assimilates with the existing Web applications.

Safari AdBlock for Mac: Browser plugin for mac for clean browsing

If you are tired of irritating add pop-ups then this is the best browser plugin for mac. Safari AdBlock for Mac removes or completely blocks the ads from the pages which you are viewing. It works with the help of the filters. For instance, if certain elements are present in a page then the extension presents it after filtering them.

For instance, if certain elements are present in a page then the extension presents it after filtering them. You can see the Adblock icon on your address bar and once you click on it, you are actually able to enable or disable Adblock Plus with a single click.

Web Page Translator for Mac: A Language browser plugin for mac

This browser plugin for mac helps you to navigate foreign web pages in your own language. It has the ability to translate to and from more than 60 languages. It is actually a Google translation service wrapper which prompts it to translate the web pages that are indicated by the user.

The original language of the web page is automatically detected; however, you can change it as per your requirement. The language in which the page is being translated by default becomes your own language; however, it can be changed anytime.

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SpeedBit Video Accelerator for Mac

SpeedBit Video Accelerator browser plugin for mac

If you are tired of buffering then SpeedBit Video Accelerator is the best browser plugin for mac as it gives a boost to the video downloads.

Its free trial version has few restrictions and also has streaming problems with larger HD videos. However, with the paid version you can definitely accelerate the downloading procedure especially for the HD videos.

PDF Plugin for Mac

PDF Browser Plugin for Mac converts your browser into an excellent PDF viewer through which you can easily access your important PDF files in the browser. You can also print and save them as per your convenience. The version 2.4.4 has a smart page number indicator which always shows the number of pages and page label.

HoverZoom Safari Extension: Browser plugin for mac for photos

HoverZoom Safari Extension for Mac enables you to zoom in on the photos and profile pictures on your favorite social networking websites. So, if you get irritated by constantly clicking the thumbnails and just don’t like the process of enlarging the photos, then you will surely like this extension.

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This browser plugin for mac installs quickly into the browser. Once you reload any of the open web pages, HoverZoom Safari Extension for Mac automatically starts working in the background. The preferences menus have options including extension zoom ins, whether by hovering or through clicking few keystrokes.

PageRank for Safari for Mac: Browser plugin for mac for SEO

PageRank for Safari for Mac is an extension which shows the Google ranking for a particular page. This tool is fast, accurate and lightweight as it extracts information directly from the Google servers. PageRank is a to-the-point tool which doesn’t have unnecessary features.

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Yolink Firefox for Mac

Yolink Firefox for Mac enables you to find exactly the content which you are looking for that too much quicker and faster. By referring to the key terms entered by the user, the Yolink extension scans web pages, search engine results, e-books etc and extracts the exact information required by you.

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Once you have got your desired results the application enables you to compile the result in Google Docs and Spreadsheets and Share it.

SpeedTao for Mac

SpeedTao browser plugin for mac

SpeedTao for Mac is simple and quick download manager for OS X which has the ability to download supporting HTTP/FTP/HTTPS/magnet/ED2K(eMule)/torrent protocols and featuring auto-resuming, YouTube download, speed limit, and Keychain integration.

Believe it or not, plugins are an integral part of browsing and internet surfing. Therefore, with the help of the above-mentioned browser plugin for mac, you can surely have an excellent browsing and downloading experience altogether.

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