Trackpad for mac – Choose from a list of the excellent touchpads for mac with some wonderful features which make browsing and navigation easy for the mac users. Trackpads are an important input device which is capable of sensing the finger contact.
Its surface possesses the ability to translate the position and motion of the user’s finger to a position which relatively matches with it on the screen of the device. Since it is a sleek and smart device which is preferred by most of the mac users. So, if you own a MacBook and are looking for a suitable one then here are best 4 trackpads for mac.

Apple Magic trackpad 2 – Latest Official trackpad for mac

Apple Magic trackpad 2 – Latest Official trackpad for mac

Apple Magic trackpad 2 is fully loaded with excellent features which include a built-in battery and enables Force Touch onto the desktop for the first time. The device is beautifully redesigned and is rechargeable. It has Four force sensors beneath the trackpad surface which enable the user to click anywhere and sense subtle differences in the amount of pressure which is being put bringing increased functionality to their fingertips

Apple Magic trackpad 2 also has an excellent edge-to-edge glass surface which is about 30 percent bigger than the earlier version. This design makes scrolling and swiping much easier and comfortable for the users.

The devices automatically pair with Mac and enable the users to work immediately. Its battery will work for more than a month or more. Apple Magic trackpad 2 is compatible with Mac OS Xv 10.11 or later versions.

Logitech Rechargeable Trackpad for Mac

Logitech Rechargeable Trackpad for Mac

Logitech Rechargeable Trackpad for Mac is somewhat like Apple’s own standalone trackpad which supports Mac OS X’s Multi-Touch gestures. However, the difference is that it has a built-in rechargeable battery which can be conveniently charged by connecting one end of its USB-to-Micro-USB cable to the Micro-USB port at the back of the device and its other end with the USB port on the Mac.

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The users can easily preserve the battery by switching of the Rechargeable Trackpad with the help of a power- switch placed on the right-hand edge.

Logitech Rechargeable Trackpad’s surface is a lot similar to that of Apple magic Trackpad; however, it’s the incline of trackpad’s surface is surely a bit different. Its rear is sleek and is just about 1/4 inch. The device physically clicks and makes the front two feet double as buttons. So when the user pushes down the trackpad these feet trigger the pointer to click.

Rechargeable Trackpad supports several Multi-Touch gestures which include clicks, two-finger clicks, right-clicks, scrolling, zoom, rotate, swipe back and forth between various web pages, show Launchpads, show the Desktop, enter Notification center amongst others.

The users can know about the battery status of this device by checking the LED which has been positioned below the surface in upper- right corner. It flashes red if it is low on juice and shows a green light while charging.

The System Preferences pane named as the Logitech Preferences Manager enables the user to configure tap and Multi-Touch gesture behavior and also allows them to check the current battery level. However, if the battery status isn’t required, then one can use rechargeable trackpad without Logitech’s software.

Dell TP713 Wireless Touchpad for mac

Dell TP713 Wireless Touchpad for mac

Dell’s TP713 Wireless Touchpad comes with multi-touch and edge gestures which makes navigation a much easier thing. The device looks similar in size and shape to Apple’s magic Trackpad and Logitech’s Wireless Rechargeable Touchpad. It has an excellent large yet smooth touchpad surface which measures 5” square and sits at a slight angle for convenient use.

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At the bottom edge, you can find dedicated areas for right and left clicking respectively. However, the whole area can be utilized for clicking as well.

Dell’s TP713 Wireless Touchpad has a really solid feel; however, it is a bit plasticky if we compare it with Apple Magic Trackpad. A special cavity is found at the bottom of the device for two AAA batteries along with the power switch.

A small light indicator is there which signifies pairing. The touchpad’s battery lasts for more than a month. Dell’s TP713 Wireless Touchpad uses an RF USB receiver rather than Bluetooth which means that the user will need to use a USB port on the computer.

Apple Wireless Magic Trackpad for mac

Apple Wireless Magic Trackpad for mac

Apple Wireless Magic Trackpad is a standalone Bluetooth trackpad for mac which is crafted with similar glass surface which is used on Apple MacBook Pro laptops. This is a convenient device for laptop users who are comfortable with the multi-touch gestures. However, the users having large display may have a tough time covering the ground with just a trackpad.

The device is specially designed to complement Apple’s Wireless Keyboard and has the same aluminum body design which is of same height and depth as the keyboard.

The back edge is slightly raised, about half an inch and accommodates a cylindrical battery compartment for holding two AA batteries.

At the right-hand side sits a power button and the same screw-shut cover for battery compartment at the left. The rubber feet at the bottom of the trackpad avoid sliding of the device around the desk.

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The Apple Wireless Magic Trackpad is also compatible with the wired keyboards as the thickness and inclinations are quite similar. According to apple, the device is about 80% larger than MacBook Pro trackpad which makes it the largest trackpad creates by the company till date.

The surface of the actual trackpad is about 5.2 inches wide and 4.3 inches deep. The complete device measures about 5.2 inches deep.

These Trackpads for mac are embraced with some of the most excellent features which make browsing much convenient for the users. The devices may differ in terms of size and make; however, their exquisite facets are perfectly compatible with the Mac devices and therefore perfectly suit the requirement of the users.

Although, there are several other third party Trackpads for mac presented by other companies, the above-mentioned devices are rated as the best ones for the users primarily because of their superb features and functionalities.  Excellent sensitivity functions further to make them convenient for the users.

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