Audio-Video Converter & Decoder for mac – Convert any Audio/Video file into different format like mp3, mp4, mkv, mov etc. Manage bit rate, many HD video etc. At one time or another, we always need to change our audio/video files from one format to another because either our media player doesn’t support the original format or sometimes it is not compatible with our devices. So, in that case, we need audio video converters for mac to change file formats to use them anywhere anytime.

And, the best part is that for the Mac users, there are lots of software present in apple store which is designed to solve this problem efficiently and effectively, from basic to the advanced setting, with great quality to higher resolution, and many other features.

All2Mp3 for mac: Best Mp3 converter for mac

All2MP3 converter for mac

It must have happened to you many times that you have downloaded a song or a video but end up frustrated when the file doesn’t support your player and then all2mp3 is there for you to easily convert all your songs in any format to mp3.

To do that you simply have to drag and drop your files to the software and set the quality and click on”All2mp3”. There you are everything is done in few seconds.

Features of All2Mp3 Audio converter for mac:

  • Convert any file to mp3
  • It has an option to retain or delete original files
  • Excellent audio quality and faster conversion speed.

MPEG StreamClip video converter for mac

MPEG Streamclip for mac is a complete package besides being an easy video converter, it also works as a player and editor . It converts video to any format and offers you wide range of editing tools, compression options. Just select options according to your requirement and click, MPEG will do the rest.

Features of MPEG StreamClip for mac:

  • Supports many file formats for e.g. DAT, MOD, AIFF, MP4, TS, AC3, REC and a lot more.
  • Offers lots of editing and compression options.
  • Excellent quality
  • Easily handles multiple files and files with size larger than 4GB.
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Switch for mac

Switch Audio converter for mac

In ‘All2mp3’, you didn’t have the option for batch conversion and setting the bitrate but these features are all present in the switch for mac with an addition of automatic error protection for the smooth conversion.

For mac users, it is a paid software with 14 days trial having basic features enough to give you the exposure of this amazing software.

Features of Switch for mac:

  • A free version only converts into mp3 whereas it supports GSM, VOX, RAW, FLAC etc.
  • A range of options for conversion e.g. Option to set bitrate (constant or variable)
  • Easy to use and offers error protection.

FLV Crunch for mac: Best Flv converter for mac

Flv crunch is the best software to convert file from any format to FLV to play in your any MAC device. This software is basically designed on the ffmpegX engine. So with this easy- to -use software, you can set your frame rate, bit rate, resolution according to your choice and you are ready to go.

Features of FlvCrunch for mac:

  • HD and good quality conversions
  • Convert multiple formats
  • Easy to use and error reporting feature
  • Batch conversion is also supported

MacX DVD Ripper for mac Free

MacX DVD ripper for mac

Sometimes you have to convert DVD to digital format to share or to use for some specific purpose then this basic software works best for you. It is very basic software with limited features. To use ripper you just have to select your files and click DVD burn disk option you can change the resolution as well before burning.

Features of MacX DVD ripper:

  • Fast speed and great quality
  • Best for basic use
  • Supports formats like MOV, MP4, MPEG etc.
  • This software does not have any advanced features or even won’t be able to change the window size but its simple easy interface and faster speed are enough for primary purposes.
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XLossless Decoder for mac: Best audio decoder for mac

The lossless audio format is quite recent now, these are files which can be compressed to create smaller files so FLAC, apple lossless are some of the examples and they lose no quality like mp3s.

X Lossless Decoder is a three in one decoder which contains player, decoder, and converter for audio files in all formats like FLAC, WV, TTA etc. after creating your lossless file you can convert it to mp3 or any other format also.

Features of XLossless Decoder for mac:

  • Efficient and flexible decoder
  • Conversion into lossless files
  • It works with CUE sheet which can extract and split files
  • Efficient software to convert audio files without losing quality

Handbrake for mac: Best Video transcoder for mac

Handbrake video transcoder for mac

Handbrake is very useful to convert to convert DVD’s into MPEG format for free. It is easy to use with lots of features.

Features of Handbrake for mac:

  • Allows 2-pass conversion and also codify a double soundtrack.
  • Easy to adjust quality with bitrate calculator
  • You can also remove black bands in movies to increase the size.
  • Simple graphic user interface, fast conversions.
  • Supports DVD formats like .VOB, .TS, VIDEO_TS etc.
  • Available for free to download.

Total Video Converter Lite for mac: Best Video converter for mac

Total video converter lite is the best video converter for mac for multi-format conversion and it even converts AMR file to MP3 . This software is easy to use and presents smooth and easy conversion. To use this software you can either drag and drop or import the files and click on convert and then rest will be done by the converter.

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Features of Total Video Converter for mac:

  • Easily converts DVDs into audio/videos file hence ready to use for portable devices
  • Set aspect ratios and audio/video size
  • It also offers HD support
  • Supports multiple formats

MacX Video Converter for mac: Best Free Video converter for mac

MacX video converter for mac

MacX Video converter is  the best free video converter for mac to convert an audio/video files into Mp4 format.

Features of MacX video converter for mac:

  • Fast speed and no quality loss
  • Easily converts SD/HD videos
  • Easy editing, extraction of audio from video, slideshows etc.
  • Resolution settings, set bitrate, set frame rate, add bookmarks and subtitles
  • Trim or crop audios/videos

Smart Converter for mac

Smart converter for mac

The Smart converter for mac is a simple single window converter with various option to select for iPod, iPad, android, tablets etc and even for PlayStation , Xbox. So with this option, you don’t need to care about format or bitrate the software will automatically convert files according to chosen device.

This software is easy to use but it sometimes fails to do the conversion. Here are some of its features:

  • Multiple format compatibility
  • Easy and fast conversion
  • Pre-defined settings for various devices

ffmpegX for mac:

Handbrake which I mentioned earlier is the latest competitor of FFmpeg X but ffmpegx comes with lot more options for quality and advanced conversion. It offers options for joining, fixing etc. it is not at all for basic use as it is full of different settings it is used for advanced conversions.

Features of FFMpegX for mac:

  • Set bitrate, framerate, and all other video parameters
  • Converts subtitles even to SRT format.
  • Supports many formats
  • Fast and reliable

With these Audio/ video converters or decoders, you can convert almost any file format into any other audio or video file format. Let me know your experience with these converters in the comment below.

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