Best Office for mac apps – Draft important data, collate heavy information and manage your documents with these excellent mac office apps.We do a lot of use of office applications every day. From drafting notes to making calculations to creating spread sheets the office applications offer ample features which makes our day-to-day tasks much convenient.
Following are some of the best office for mac apps using which you may conclude various daily tasks with utmost expediency.

Apple iWork for mac: Official Office app for mac

iWork for mac - Official office app for mac

Apple iWork for mac is actually Apple’s contender to MS office. Word processing, slide presentation applications, and spreadsheets are some of its best features.

Apple iWork for mac is compatible with Office i.e. one file can be opened and updated with the other. Since this app is much simpler to use as compared to MS office, it is considered to be one of the best Office apps for mac.

BBEdit for mac

BBEdit for mac is an excellent office application for the web developers as it supports more than two dozen programming languages. It comes with a 30-day free trial and helps the developers in writing code in an easy to use and distraction free environment.

This application has the ability to integrate with any web browsers which help in quick preview and website prototyping.

Evernote for mac

Evernote for mac - office app for mac

Evernote for mac lets you manage all your note-taking requirements. It not only helps you in organizing your information but also lets you collate important data in a sophisticated manner.

With Evernote for mac, you can easily access your important notes as the application syncs your accounts across all the platforms and devices.

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Keynote for mac – Best Office app for mac

Keynote for mac - office app for mac

Keynote for mac is Apple’s flagship presentation program which enables the users to create excellent presentations. Users who are already acquainted with Power point would definitely have a wonderful experience of creating a cinematic presentation. This allows the users to express information in a very creative and dramatical manner.

LibreOffice for mac

LibreOffice for mac is a comprehensive application which can be considered as a professional office productivity and management package for your mac device.

This application has a complete set of office management tools which can actually be termed as a replacement for MS office itself.

LibreOffice for mac has 6 distinct management tools which include: Text document, Spreadsheet, Presentation, Drawing, Formula, and Database.

TextWrangler for mac

TextWrangler for mac can be considered as miniature BBEdit for Mac as it presents some of the features which are similar to it. It is actually a general purpose editor and is said to be UNIX and server editor’s tool.

OpenOffice for mac: Open source Office app for mac

OpenOffice for mac is somewhat similar to Apple’s iWork Suite and can be considered as an alternative to MS Office. Its features constantly improve with every version and therefore it is much better than its other paid counterparts since this is an open source office app for mac.

With these best Office apps for mac, one can easily collate data and perform day-to-day tasks conveniently. These apps are not only easy to install and their straightforward interface makes things much simpler for the users. These office apps for mac have definitely become an important one for the professionals.

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