Mac is considered to be one of the most stunningly designed devices having superb features. Also, the icons of a Macintosh are renowned for being attractive. Interestingly, mac users get an option to customize or change mac default icon with some of the best icon apps for mac.
By doing this the mac users can make their experience much interesting and fun-filled. Here are some of the most interesting icon app for mac.

icon app for mac

Microsoft Office 2010 IconPack for Mac

Microsoft Office 2010 IconPack for Mac comprises of all the necessary icons which you may need to customize the device as per Office style. The free pack consists of icons for Excel, Work, Outlook etc which totals to about 60 distinct icons.

All these icons are in PNG and ICO format having a resolution of 256 X 256 pixels. If you want to change the icon with one of the icons present in this pack then all you need to do is open the ‘Information’ dialogue on your chosen icon.

The image needs to be copied to the clipboard and then you just need to select the icon which you want to change and just paste it.

CandyBar for Mac

CandyBar for Mac enables the user to customize the icons in the Dock. With this application, you can customize each and every icon individually. However, you cannot customize the entire dock in Mountain Lion OS X 10.8 because of certain tweaks which have been made in the way Mountain Lion renders the Dock. This is the prime reason due to which CandyBar for Mac has been made free by the developers.

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Img2icns for Mac – Best icon app for mac

With Img2icns for Mac, you can convert your favorite pictures into icons. For instance, you can use your best pictures to represent a particular album as a beautiful icon.

Img2icns for Mac is actually a conversion tool which enables the user to add a classy touch to their desktop.  It also lets the developers to embrace particular software with some gorgeous looking icons.

FolderTeint for Mac

FolderTeint for Mac is an excellent icon app for mac which enables the user to change Leopard folder icons. If you don’t like the cosmetic changes made in Leopard or just want to make few tweaks in them then you would surely like FolderTeint for Mac.

With FolderTeint for Mac, you can easily edit the style of any chosen folder icon and adjust things such as the contrast, brightness, and saturation. You may also choose your desired color for a specific icon.

LiteIcon for Mac

LiteIcon for Mac is an excellent application through which you can add up a little glam to your system icons. This is an easy to use icon app for mac which enables you to change the icon by merely dragging one onto the icon which you need to modify on LiteIcon interface.

You may click on ‘Apply Changes’ button and restart the Finder to check the changes or modifications made. With these icon apps for mac, you can spice up your interface and give it an all new Avtar.

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