Best web tool for mac – Browse the web and the internet freely without any plugin or javascript update or browser crash. These web tools with excellent features enable you to manage your webpages effectively. With the advent of the internet era, almost every business professionals have opted for online mediums to reach out their respective audiences.
But it is essential to manage the domain names effectively which may be done only with the help of the web tools. Here are some of the best web tools for mac which may help the users in easily organizing their web related tasks.

Silverlight for mac

Silerlight for mac - web tool for mac from Microsoft

Silverlight for mac is a lightweight web tool for mac plug-in which enables the user to explore Silverlight-based content in their respective browsers. This application is compatible with some of the major browsers including Firefox and Safari.

Some of the best features included in the latest version of Silverlight for mac are smoother streaming, out-of-browser player and DRM management. It also possesses the ability to stream high-resolution video and support HD-quality videos.

XAMPP for mac – Best web tool for mac

XAMPP for mac is one of the most convenient and comprehensive web server solutions for the mac users. The installer package of this application comprises of all the essential files and does not require any kind of dependency.

XAMPP can be considered as the best web tool for mac enthusiasts or professional web developers who need to run webservers and create exquisite webpages.

Wow Slider for mac

Wow Slider for mac is a simple and expedient application for the users who wish to create distinct sliders without indulging in hassles of image editing and coding.

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The most excellent aspect of Wow Slider for mac is that it doesn’t use Flash as it is based on HTML, Javascript, and CSS. This means no plug-ins is required to run regardless of the browser you are using.

Adobe Dreamweaver for mac

Adobe Dreamweaver cc for mac - web tool for mac from Adobe

Adobe Dreamweaver for mac is one of the most exquisite applications meant for the design professionals.  Its latest version has faster and easier coding apart from several other excellent features.

Element quick view and new editing capabilities in Live view are some of the new additions to the new version of this application.

Adobe GoLive for mac

Adobe GoLive for mac enables the users to utilize the features of CSS and enhance the new ideas with powerful mobile authoring tools based on SMIL, SVG Tiny, CSS/XHTML.

You can use Adobe GoLive for mac free for 30 days and understand its interface before purchasing the full version.

Flux for mac: High-end web tool for mac

Flux for mac is a high-end XHTML and web designing software embraced with excellent features. With this application, the users may apply excellent images within flux. Users can also attach funky Javascript actions to their page.

Flux for mac also enables the users to embed Quicktime movies, Flash, and other objects. The users can drag-and-drop the designs of the web pages without even touching XHTML /CSS because of which it is counted amongst the best web tool for mac.

With so many advancements on the web world, it has become necessary for the developers to enhance their abilities to organize and manage their daily web tasks. The above mentioned best web tool for mac proves to be a savior for such professionals.

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