Best theme for mac – Themes for a striking look to your macBook. If you are a mac user then you must have felt the urge to alter the theme of your device. Doing this not only gives a striking look to your mac but also completely changes its feel and essence.
There are umpteen themes to match up your mood and personality; so you may choose from amongst some of the best themes for mac and completely revamp the feel of your device. Following are some of the choicest themes for mac.

Nocturne for mac: Night theme for mac

Nocturne for mac-dark theme for mac

Nocturne for mac is one of the simplest app for switching your computer into night vision mode. It presents some of the most amazing features which include window shadow toggling and background removal.

By choosing the background removal option you may completely hide the desktop picture so that you don’t get to see an inverted version. Nocturne for mac is best suited for Mac OS X 10.4 or later versions.

DocLibrary for mac

DocLibrary for mac is considered to be one of the best themes for mac; however, it doesn’t possess any alternative styles or templates. By opting for this application you actually evade the complexities of managing various styles for your Leopard Doc.

With the help of DocLibrary for mac, you can download styles from websites such as Once done you don’t need to unpack the file and may use your chosen styles by simply clicking on them. You may just select the doc and click on ‘Set Dock’.

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Mac OS XP for mac

Mac OS XP for mac is an excellent ShapeShifter theme for mac which beautifully alters the entire appearance of the device’s graphical interface. This theme is embraced with Windows XP wallpaper and Dock custom skins.

The latest version is updated with new panther theme which comprises of all Panther-specific elements. Each and every variation of this theme has its own specific Metal appearance.

Magnifique for mac

Magnifique for mac is an excellent theme manager which is lightweight and has a wide variety of themes or styles to choose from. Although, this theme is completely free but it isn’t pre-installed with the default themes.

You may need to download this theme from the developer’s website wherein you can get ample styles to choose from. If you are a developer then Magnifique for mac may prove to be an excellent tool to distribute your own theme.

Themepark for mac: With the best theme for mac

ThemePark for mac: Theme for mac

With Themepark for mac you can easily create or modify the look of your Mac OS X. This theme for mac enables the user to change the appearance of individual applications.

You can draw buttons, widgets etc in your graphics editor and shift them to the Themepark to create a completely new theme or modify any existing theme.

Themes are meant to give an all new perspective to the personality of your mac device. With the above mentioned best themes for mac, you can easily refurbish your mac and enjoy its mesmerizing feel by providing it a brand new essence.

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