Best Messenger for mac – chat, share files, do audio and video call on your iOS device and mac devices. In the recent past, the fondness for social networking mediums has grown leaps and bounds. With mediums such as messengers, the users can easily stay connected with their friends and family.
There are several useful messengers for mac through which you may stay in touch with your loved ones at any time of the day. Here are some of the best messengers for mac.

AirMail for mac

Airmail for mac

AirMail for mac is an excellent messenger for mac which can be used as an alternative to the Apple Mail app. This messenger for mac enables you to link all your email accounts in an organized manner at one place.

With AirMail for mac, you can easily send, receive, compose and view messages. This application has an excellent interface which is easy to access and use.

Skype for mac: Best messenger for mac

Skype for mac - best messenger for mac

Skype for mac is considered to be the best messenger for mac as it enables you to call your contacts and have a video chat with them. You can also make phone calls to cell phones and landlines.

Since Skype for mac is capable of hosting conference calls and group video calls, it is widely used by most of the business professionals. All in all, it is one of the most appealing communication apps for mac OS.

FaceTime for mac – Official messenger for mac

facetime for mac - official messenger for mac

FaceTime for mac is the official messenger for mac from Apple. It is an excellent video calling application which lets you keep in touch with your loved ones on your mac via video chats.

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The most wonderful feature of FaceTime for mac is its ability to sync with your address book and get connected immediately after signing in.

Viber for mac

Viber for mac - free messenger for mac

Viber for mac includes almost all excellent features which are required for a social networking application. Once you download Viber for mac you can easily send messages, sync them and make free calls.

Although, some of the features of this application are still in development, the application is actually showing great results and has umpteen users.

Badoo for mac: Best social networking messenger for mac

Badoo for mac is an excellent social networking application where the users can meet new people and share knowledge.  The users can create and manage their profile and also search out for new friends in and around their city. Although the application is free, there are some features which are needs to be purchased by the user.

WhatsApp for mac: Most popular messenger for mac among all

Whatsapp for mac - most popular messenger for mac

With WhatsApp for mac, you can message your friends and family without even touching your phone. This is a desktop application through which you may connect with your friends and family anytime, even when your phone is not with you.

WhatsApp for mac is actually an extension of your phone as it lets you have a conversation with your phone contacts added in this messenger.

Messengers are actually excellent applications as they are not only easy to install but also much convenient to access. With the best messenger for mac, the users can connect with their counterparts without spending much.

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These applications have literally made the world a smaller place to live in.

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