Using font app for mac – Manage your fonts with these excellent mac font apps and give a decent look to your required documents. Fonts play a crucial role in presenting any document in an attractive manner. Every document has its own importance and therefore its presentation solely depend upon the fonts which are being selected.
Mac users can change the regular fonts to stylish and attractive ones with some of the best font apps for mac. Here are some of the most excellent font apps for mac.

FontCase for mac

FontCase for mac is an exquisite font management application which provides a much sophisticated management system. With this application, the fonts get similar kind of treatment like any other multimedia files stored in your device.

While using Fontcase for mac you are firstly prompted to import all the fonts after which you can browse and search fonts of your choice.

Suitcase for mac

SuitCase for mac - Font app for mac

Suitcase for mac is specially designed to serve the requirement of the design professionals for whom the text play a crucial role. Although, there are many other tools which manage font better than this application. However, Suitcase for mac is designed primarily for the design professionals who need to use advanced tools to control their fonts.

PopChar for mac – Best font app for mac

PopChar for mac - best font app for mac

If you are need to use special characters or fonts at a regular interval then PopChar for mac is just what you need. This is a smart utility application which the enables the user to insert special characters and accented letters etc. very easily with the help of installed fonts into the mac device.

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You just need to active the PopChar window and click on the required character and it appears in the current document. Although, it works in a similar manner like Special Characters option in MS word; but this is much more accessible and elaborate.

TypeTool for mac

TypeTool for mac - font app for mac

TypeTool for mac is an effective font editor tool through which the users can edit fonts up to 65,000 characters. This application proves to be an excellent tool for the professional graphic designers who need to tweak and play with various fonts.

TypeTool for mac supports 12 encodings and 150 code pages which makes it convenient for users who are into typography or desktop publishing.

FontAgent for mac: Another best font app for mac

FontAgent for mac

The main aim for opting for a font manager is to manage large font libraries expediently and FontAgent for mac does it very easily. This tool has both smart search and keyword search through which you can find the required font style very easily.

The fonts in FontAgent for mac are categorized in a convenient manner so that they can be found easily. The users get an option of creating smart sets to arrange the chosen fonts in a preferred order so that they can be accessed quickly.

Since, this application is embraced with some of the most effective features; it is counted amongst one of the best font app for mac.

Mac users get a plethora of options to choose some of the most stylish fonts for themselves. The above mentioned ones are considered to be the best font app for mac as they have some of the most expedient features which make font management much easier for the users.

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