Are you bored of your regular cursor for mac? Do you want to try out something really fresh and unique? If you are a mac user then you have an option to do so.
The fact is that the default mouse cursors look quite monotonous. However, nowadays the apple users can tweak them and enjoy with some of the stunning yet unique cursors. Here are some of the best cursors for mac which the apple users can opt for.

iCursor for mac: Best cursor for mac

iCursor for mac is an excellent mini application through which you can customize and beautify your desktop. It embraces your cursor with some of the most mesmerizing effects which include circus lights, soap, smoke or snow.

Most of the effects in iCursor for mac are colored explosions which help the cursor in trailing at a different speed and with different movements like Comet, HyperSpace or SloQuantum. This mini application possesses five distinct custom tracks; however, it’s tough for the users to understand as how to create their own effects.

OmniDazzle for mac

OmniDazzle for mac is an excellent set of fun yet productive changes through which you may highlight certain areas of your screen, keep a watch at the location of your mouse and create visual effects. These features make it another best cursor for mac.

OmniDazzle for mac enables only one effect to function at a time. However, the controls for each of these effects are well-explained can are much easy to configure and use. There are some productive tools for presentations like Scribble which lets the user to draw on the screen.

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The Focal point is another feature which helps in highlighting an active window or an area around the mouse.

Startrail for mac

Startrail for mac doesn’t have many productive features; however, it leaves a beautiful trail of stars behind the mouse cursor. It surely adds up life to your regular boring cursor. Some of the other trailing effects which you can active using this application are bubbles, snowflakes, and leaves.

Every time the user moves their mouse cursor Startrail for mac ensures follows closely behind the cursor. You can change the colour of the stars from green to yellow or red and purple. It makes startrail for mac another best cursor for mac.

MouseLocator for mac

Mouse Locator for mac - best cursor for mac

MouseLocator for mac actually acts as an outline for your mouse cursor; therefore, letting the user find it without much difficulties. The most amazing feature of this mini application is its controllable trigger time which varies from 1 second to 30 minutes. This time can be adjusted as per the requirement of the use.

Wraparound for mac – One of the best cursors for mac

The mac users working on multiple screens understand the nightmare of dragging the cursor from one screen to the other. Wraparound for mac enables the users to resolve this glitch by letting them access all of their monitors by just dragging the cursor to the edge of the screen.

Wraparound for mac is a smooth application which lets you choose the specific edge which you wish to activate. With these best cursors for mac, you can surely spice up your interface and give it an all new essence.

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