Activity Monitor for Mac can help you speed up your mac by giving you information about the CPU resource utilization by different applications on mac.

Activity monitor for mac:

Activity Monitor for mac is an activity monitoring app which is hidden in the “Utilities” folder. To know the different types of activities that are going on your macBook, you need to launch this application on your macBook.

How to use Activity monitor for mac to speed up mac:

Once you launch the activity monitor for mac, it will look something like this:

Activity monitor for mac

Activity monitor on the macBook, show you different kinds of activities that are going on your macBook and resources consumed by those activities or the applications.

For example, in the above picture, we can clearly see the amount of CPU, memory, energy or the disk space that is being used by the different applications on the macBook like mail, safari, server etc.

If you see some of the application are consuming much more energy and CPU space then you need to close that app. Sometimes, these applications also keep on running in the background. For example, Google drive or the dropbox might keep on running in the background while they sync your data with the internet and local drive.

Similarly, you can sort the resources based on the memory, energy consumed by that application, disk space etc.

In conclusion, activity monitor of mac is one of the most helpful tools for mac in analyzing different kinds of activities that are going on your macBook and hence helps you in speeding up your mac.

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