Screen capturing is the most amazing feature that anyone would like to have whether you want to capture the favorite part of your dearest movie or you want to use them for presentations purpose. Screenshots always help you to keep optimum records instead of keeping the whole file. Screen capturing software offers you a wide range of options to make screen capturing experience all new, easy and handy.

But what mac screenshot Softwares do?
When we can easily capture screenshot via home button and power button – the most used shortcut for taking the screenshot but these softwares are different, they are comprehensively designed to give you the wide range of tools for editing, recording etc. So why to depend on basic feature when you can do more via these whole ranges of software available to explore the all new screen capturing in Mac. The best screen capture software for Mac are:-

Snagit for mac, a mac screenshot capture app

If you need an advanced and convenient tool to record screen shots for short video recording or animated gif to make your blog posts, facebook post or even in presentations to look attractive. Then all you need is to download SNAGIT from Apple play store, make your account and you are ready to go.


  • Webcam recording, video trimming, audio recording etc.
  • Screenshots can be quickly retrieved via recording tray feature so you can add them accordingly in your video or recording.
  • You can pause anywhere to capture the screen either the whole screen or select the specific area to be taken or you can also use panoramic capture feature also.
  • Easy and simple edits can be done anytime and anywhere in the recording with Snagit stamps, effects etc.
  • Easy to manage, maintain and share your videos with paid or free monthly version.
  • This software can be used 15 days trial period and then you can buy it for $ 49.95(individual user)
  • Copernicus for mac

Copernicus is also one of the good software to capture screenshots, recording movies but what make it different is:

  • Precise image capturing quality
  • Besides capturing the specific portion of a screen it allows you to set the frame rate.
  • Allows you adjust the quality of image while saving.
  • It allows you save the video in one format only i.e. jpg and no audio recording feature.
  • So this software works best to capture moments where no much editing is required.
  • And good part it is a freeware software. So it can be easily downloaded to use for basic editing and capture.
  • SnapNDrag for mac

Do you always need to capture screen shot but end with chaos on your desktop with lots of saved screenshots? Then ‘save and drag’ comes to rescue you, it is very easy and convenient software to manage your screenshots.

  • It automatically saves screenshots in a separate folder.
  • You can directly drag your screenshots to your email.
  • Instead of creating frame you can simply click to take a screenshot.
  • This software is available free on apple play store but to use features like resizing you need to pay for the same. So download it now it’s worth it.
  • Paparazzi for mac:

You must have found it tedious to take the screenshot of a web page, either you don’t get the full page and you will end up saving entire file as pdf format but paparazzi makes easier to capture web pages which do not fit on one screen.

  • You can set height, width, and URL accordingly.
  • You can save the screenshot in four formats JPEG, PNG, TIFF or PDF.
  • You can also set the quality of the image.
  • So paparazzi is the perfect combo to take the screenshot and the amazing part is it is free so don’t wait, download it now.
  • Duck Capture for mac:

DuckLink for mac: Mac Screenshot Tool

Duck Capture for mac is also easy to use and editing and best for light use but what make it different are:

  • Besides taking screen shots of some portion of a screen this software allows you to add multiple images in one image.
  • You can also add annotations in between and can highlight different images.
  • This software offers you three formats to save image i.e. Bitmap, jpg, and Png and offers the option to assign shortcuts to the images.
  • The unique feature is you can write your scripts in it so you can use it to extend its features accordingly.
    You can try this software and can download it for free.
  • CaptureMe for Mac

Capture me is best to capture floating window and recording. It is very easy and handy to capture screen shots with capture me.

  • Easy to drag and capture and can be resized easily
  • Many different formats for saving.
  • Easy recording for quick time video capturing.
  • Available free on apple play store.
  • GrabMac for mac

Grab for capturing screen is very convenient it allows you take a screenshot of entire screen or selected but exciting feature it allows you set the timer for screen capture. So all you just have to do is to set the timer for example if you set the timer for 10 seconds, the app will take the screen shot after the specified time.

SharpShooter for mac

Apart from taking screen shots, this software is much more helpful in managing your screenshots like locations, names etc.

  • Consist of a renaming window to give a more descriptive name.
  • Easy to place screen shots in folders, to change format etc.
  • HotBox for mac

This software is not actually a screen capture software but allows you to select some part of the screen and fill that portion to the whole screen. So you can easily fill your screen with your favorite pictures, videos etc.

  • Explicit settings for keyboard shortcuts.
  • Easy zoom in and zoom out.
  • Focus or magnify selected portions only.
  • Available free on apple play store
  • Snapshot Editor for mac:

Snapshot Editor for mac

Unlike other software, snapshot editor offers you many options for adding annotations to make your screenshots more attractive, efficient to use and easy to share.

  • Runs in the menu bar and easy to capture screen.
  • Besides text annotation, you can use lines, arrows, geometrical figures to make your screenshots more presentable.
  • Mosaic overlay to hide some sensitive information.
  • Many formats to save files like jpg, BMP etc.
  • Resizing and direct send options to emails.
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Hope these softwares resolve all your screen capturing problems. Every software is unique to suit your different needs.

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