Funny app for mac: Are you bored of having a monotonous life? Do you feel sick of your daily routine and are looking for a change? If so then mac brings the world of entertainment in your hands. There are ample applications for fun lovers who seek variety in their everyday lives.
So if you are a book lover or a music freak your mac has it all for you. Here are some of the best funny apps for your mac.

This application is crafted especially for the comic lovers. Its simple interface and easy navigation between the pages makes it a superb choice for the comic readers. The users also get the option of viewing two pages at a time like an actual comic.

Theis funny app for mac opens the comics in various format and makes it easily readable for the users. It also shows thumbnails of various pages to the readers so that they can skip the pages read.

If you are a music lover and singing has been your passion then iStar Karaoke is the best app for you. This funny app for mac can easily import music files in various formats including MP3, AIFF, and KAR. Once the import is done the users can compile the playlist as per the genre. The user-friendly interface makes it an expedient application for the mac users.

SeisMac for mac one of the best funny app for mac

This funny app for mac OS is designed especially for professional uses. For instance, scientists conducting a study on seismic conditions may find great browsing features in this application. SeisMac utilizes your mac’s Sudden Motion Sensors to measure the seismic condition continuously on a graph. This application is easy to use and be tested even if your device doesn’t have a sudden motion sensor.

DreamDiary is an excellent companion for those who love to jot down their memories, daily activities, thoughts, and goals. With the help of this application, you can maintain a private journal or a log for various business purposes. Easy navigation makes it a convenient application for mac users.

If you have a pet cat which has been messing around then this application is simply the best for you. Once you download CatNip, it automatically blocks your keyboard when it senses a cat around your device.

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With the help of this funny app for mac, you can set alerts like a display message or a beep when your keyboard is locked. You can also adjust the sensitivity so that the application activates automatically when the cat jumps into your device.

iComic is another application for comic lovers as it lets them download their favorite comics and read them offline. The application is user-friendly and lets them switch between various tabs. The user can also add comments on a particular strip and also find the same by typing the comments.

  • freeComic Widget for mac

freeComic Widget is a perfect application for the Dilbert, Andy Capp, and Peanuts fan. This application gives over 150 comic reading options to the users. Once this application is installed, the user can browse through them using ‘Next’ or ‘Previous’ buttons. Since this funny app for mac offers comic strips by some of the most popular authors, the user can browse through hundreds of options by clicking the drop down menu.

Mac is considered to be an elite device embraced with distinct application suiting the various requirements of the user. The best part about mac devices is there are several applications from where a user can choose the most expedient ones. When we talk about entertainment applications, mac has a lot to offer.

From comic reading apps to karaoke apps to instrument learning ones, mac has it all. Most of the fun or entertainment app have a user-friendly interface which makes browsing through them quite convenient for the user. Easy availability and accessibility are some of the excellent facets of these applications. Although there are several options available for mac users, choosing utility apps are always preferable for them.

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Although there are several options available for mac users, choosing utility apps are always preferable for them. So, if you are a mac user then the world is definitely in your hands. All you need to do is to select the ones suiting your choice and requirement.

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