Love gazing the sky? Explore the universe with best astronomy app for mac – Does astronomy excite you? Do you feel curious exploring the universe? Are you willing to gather extensive information about the solar system and the space? If so then mac enables you to gain complete knowledge about astronomy with endless applications loaded with exciting features.
Some of the best astronomy apps for mac have unique features which are specially meant for amateur astronomer who are willing to attain knowledge about the subject and at the same time discover various aspects of the same.
If you are find this subject exciting then following are the best astronomy app for mac which you can use.

  • Solar Walk – 3D Solar System Modeled Astronomy app for mac

Solar walk for mac: The best astronomy app for mac

Solar Walk for mac is an excellent recreation of the actual solar system which lets you explore the entire Solar System as well as the Milky Way. The ability to view some of the biggest cities across the globe is one of its most amazing features. Also, interesting aspects of Mars, Venus and Moon can be viewed using this application. You can also check out educational videos on this application to gain knowledge about various intricacies of the universe.

Stellarium is an excellent desktop planetarium astronomy app for mac which lets you view the sky in real time using OpenGL. It displays the sky which will look like the real sky when viewed with binoculars. It has a simple user interface which makes it quite easy to use for the beginners.

Earth Browser for mac: One of the best astronomy app for mac

Earth Browser for mac is a 3D structured model of earth with live information which keeps on updating from time to time. This application lets you browse the globe with easy point and click method which allows you to point over your chosen location and zoom it for a clearer view.
Its ability to view Weather forecasts of more than 17,000 locations on high resolution makes it an excellent application.

If you have an instinct to extract interesting facts and figures about the universe then Celestia for mac is the best application for you. This application allows you to explore the universe using advanced navigating features which lets you look around the globe conveniently. Browsing the Milky Way is just a click away with this amazing app.

With Satscope you get a real time feel of an astronomer as it lets you track various satellites moving around the earth. Although, the results aren’t up to the mark but the ability to explore about 8,000 satellites orbiting the earth makes it an exciting application. Interestingly, the every detail from the International Space Station can be traced down on your mac device.

If astrology interests you then this is a wonderful astronomy app for mac which lets you know everything about your astrological sign. The colorful interface and the ability to add up elements like objects or planets are some of the key features of this app. The Astra chart allows you to keep a watch on your sun sign’s progression.

If you are a star gazer and love to read the sky then AstroGrav for mac is the best choice for you. This application lets you know how various astronomical objects rotate and move with the gravitational force. It has elite 3D graphics which gives you an excellent virtual feel of the solar system.

Viyager astronomy app for mac

Voyager brings the feel of a planetarium right into your screen. It has mesmerizing features through which you can see the 3D simulations and explore the stars, the Milky Way and the entire solar system.

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The study of astronomy isn’t that easy! It requires in-depth understanding about various intricate topics. It is an undeniable fact that there are several elaborate aspects of astronomy which can be explored only with the help of reliable applications.

If you are a mac user you definitely get ample options to pick the best app to discover various facets of astronomy. Although, there are a umpteen third party application available for the users to expediently explore the universe. The above mentioned are the ones having the most elaborate features.

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