Arcade games for mac always have been in trend for a very long time. As they revolutionized, they became better every time. They were first played as coin-based games in big electronic machine, then they came in the form of video games and now they are present in our smartphones and computers, hence, handy, cool and fun to use.
Mac arcade games have high doses of entertainment enough to impress you to play for long hours until you become addicted to them but they can be sometimes challenging and puzzling. So they need to be played strategically with agility, smartness to keep your avatar alive.

All these games basically have a mission to complete with the help of animated avatar to reach your goal with lots of cool features. Let’s see which game is going to challenge your gaming skills. Some of the best arcade games for Mac are:

Gang Beasts for mac-One of the best arcade games for mac

This aracade games for mac called Gang Beasts for mac is an amazing, fun, and entertaining fighting mac arcade game with lots of violence. It is a multiplayer game with lots of jelly like animated avatars, amazing graphics but not very good sound effects.

This game is mostly played as the party game where you knock out your opponent by kicking, throwing, punching him anywhere you want in the deadly hazardous environment, besides this game is quite hilarious to play. You really need to give a try to this game and it is available free on Mac app store.

Happy Wheels for mac is one of the best arcade games to have deadly fun. In this game you have to choose your avatar and one of the three vehicles, your main aim is to keep him alive until the end but the obstacle and uneven roads and mountains in between are quite unpromising to do that.

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Most avatars will die too soon or you will definitely see your avatar crash, fall with the loss of limbs and too much blood. Apart from this, you will experience lots of ridiculous ways to see your avatar crush or gored.
If you are playing this on PC you can use these controls.

Z=eject; space=primary action; shift and control=secondary actions.

Chicken Invader 5 for mac: One of theFunniest Arcade games for mac

Save the earth guys!! The plot of this game is quite interesting there are intergalactic chicken invaders want to conquer earth to take revenge against the cruel behavior of humans on earth’s chickens. They want to block sun’s light to freeze earth to death.

In this game, there are almost 200 chickens attacking at the same time with their eggs as weapons so you have to stop them from invading earth by using 13 different types of weapons to protect yourself from their attack. This game is very easy and fun to play and becomes more interesting when played online with multi players. See yourself going higher in rankings as you start mastering this game.

The above things make it one of the must have arcade games for mac.

Road rash for mac is most popular motorcycle racing game ever and the amazing thing is it is available on Mac. This game has everything to offer speed, music, bikes, sexy girls, and much more. This game is really violent and has no rules you can do anything kick, punch your opponent or even crash his bike.

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And the interesting part is you will not hurt much even if you fall at high speed. Apart from this, you can even choose different tracks, bikes, and this game also has three modes to choose to from “Trash mode”, “Big-game mode”, “Mano- a-Mano game mode”. So you have flexibility in choosing the perfect environment for your game. Choose best, play best!

So, if you love speed and violence in video games, this mac arcade game is for you.

Supertux for mac is very much similar to popular game Mario but the only difference is- the hero is “Tux” in this arcade game who is peacefully enjoying his holidays with penny then the villain “Nolak” took her to his castle and tux have to save her from that monster but it not easy he has to face various obstacles.

So help Tux by using various lifelines like snowballs to increase his size, coins to get more points, red color flower to give him fire wielding capacity etc. Experience this new adventure and complete all 26 levels as fast as you can. It is even much better than old Mario in terms of graphics, sounds and environment.

These above properties make it one of the must have arcade games for mac.

Lemmings for mac is also one of the best arcade games to have fun and pass your time quickly. In this game, your mission is to get various lemmings to their home but to reach there they have to face flaming torches.

The number of lemmings depends on the levels and strengths need to be select which is limited for the short period of time so you have to use them as soon as possible for example digging, Parachuting, climbing etc. you will really get into this game once you start playing it.

Hotline Miami for mac is one of the most played underworld game with extreme violence and terror. There are two main characters in this game Jacket and Becket who are receiving mysterious calls to have violent slaughter against local Russian mafia.

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This game is full of adventure, guns, murder, mystery and much more. There are 20 chapters in hotline Miami 16 of them covered with jacket and rest with Becket.

Boom for mac

You must have played “Bomberman” in your childhood and if you liked it then you will definitely going to like boom which is actually a remake of “Bomberman”. In this game, your mission will be to conquer 8 alien infected areas divided into 10 sub-regions which are recently in control of them, so you have to kill all the aliens and finally need to kick off their boss.

With this game you will never get bored it has 80 levels to play with amazing graphics and soundtracks and last but not the least it has 10 different enemies with different weapons and intelligence.

Pinball is the most played arcade game on PC’s but when it comes to Mac it comes with lot other exciting features, like 3-d graphics and other options to change the view of the table.

For example, you can change flying-table view to static full table view etc and in Mac you have three different types of table “wild west”, “the deep” and “jungle style”. Apart from amazing graphics, tables, characters it has unique sound effects, voices and much more. Enjoy this amazing new Pinball HD in your Mac.

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