There are plenty of health apps for mac OS but we do not need all of them. These health apps help us keep a watch over our personal health. Besides, keeping a watch over our personal health, there are some other amazing features with these apps which you might hardly have heard. Below are some of the odd features of the popular health apps for mac:

  • Image processing like X-ray and ultrasound images
  • visualize and edit their DNA sequence files
  • D tools for educators, students and general medical enthusiasts to explore the body
  • calculate a route for any specified distance in the world
  • train better by organizing activity data
  • determine which days you are more fertile for better pregnancy
  • view labeled images of human anatomy
  • keep track of what foods you eat each day and their nutritional value
  • monitoring of your menstrual cycles for signs of ovulation
  • View and Share Medical Images. Fast, Simple, Secure. Xrays, CT Scans, MRIs, Ultrasounds and more.

So below is the list of some of the most amazing health apps for mac that you want to try or at least take a look at.

OsiriX for mac: Health app for medical professionals- one of the best Health apps for mac

OsiriX for mac is an image processing health app dedicated for DICOM images or images with .dcm extension. These .dcm images are used in MRI, CT, Ultrasounds etc. OsiriX for mac has been specifically designed for navigation and visualization of multidimensional images: 2D Viewer, 3D Viewer, 4D Viewer and even 5D Viewer.
If you are well-acquainted with such bio and health images, you can try reading out such images on your own.

4Peaks is a health app for mac especially designed for molecular biologists. Using this health app for mac, they can well visualize and edit their DNA sequence files.

If you have always been fascinated about the construction of the human body then this health app for mac is for you. Without any surgical or cuts, using this app, you can clearly see the granular structure of the human body.
So if you are bio student or someone who likes to study about the anatomy of the human body then this health app is for you to explore more about the human body anatomy.

TrailRunner for mac: Best route planner for you

I hope these health apps for mac had been informative for you. If you explore something new and you want to add more about it, write your opinion in te comments below.

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