People still think that working with the ZIP files is a source of a headache. The apprehension doubles over when it comes to Mac, where ZIP has always been a poor cousin to SIT files.

But with latest updates ZIP has been built into the Mac OS 9 and latest OS X models. Making a ZIP archive has become amazingly easy. But for those who are still using older models or cannot update the Mac, below are a few of the Best Zip/Unzip applications for your Mac.

1. UnRarX for Mac: the Best Zip software for mac

UnRarX for mac: Zip software for mac

It is based on the WinRAR style that allows you to unzip RAR files. Free, easy to use interface and capacity to deal with almost any archive makes it one of the most powerful unzipping tools. You simply need to drag and drop the RAR files onto the UnRarX interface and the files will be unzipped automatically.

The controls in the toolbar allow you to browse, extract and test files to see if they are corrupt. You can password-protect your files, in which case, the password will be required to open and extract the files.

There are small glitches, where the application cannot extract files. There is, however, no developer support for these problems and it can make the software tricky for beginners. It doesn’t create RAR archives as well. But on the whole, its ease of use makes it a recommended software to unzip your files.

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2. The Unarchiver for Mac

It is a more comprehensive replacement for the inbuilt Archive Utility application of OS X. It can handle way more formats than the default app and integrates better with Finder. The formats supported range from a Zip, Tar-GZip, Tar-BZip2 to RAR, 7-zip, LhA and StuffIt and many others in between.

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It can also manage filenames in foreign character. It is fast, free and lightweight. Doesn’t consume much system resources on your hard drive and can pretty much handle everything.

It is a complete decompression package for your Mac that is compatible with almost all the versions of Macintosh. No criticism required here, except, the missing 64-bit version.

3. 7zX for mac

This is out to replace StuffIt expander in the market. 7zX is an absolutely free file archiver that has a very high compression ratio. It compresses the file to a unique format: 7z. This format is better than both ZIP format and ZIP compatible programs.

It is highly flexible and its working spans across a vast multitude of formats that can be compressed. It can easily be decompressed without installing 7zX and hence, you can send files to your friends without any hassles.

Once downloaded onto Mac, you can simply drag the files to be compressed and drop them on its user interface. You can define the level of compression you want to achieve and password-protect your files. A terminal dialogue shows the final status after the compression.

In other words, it keeps you well updated on the progress of your work. There is another interesting twist to this one! Even though compression depends on the data used for tests, 7zX retains all the metadata in your files after decompression.

4. Zipeg for Mac

This one is a universal file opener that works for all ZIP and RAR files. With one simple click you can open up files, browse through the archives and extract just what you need. It covers a vast range of formats and this feature has made it popular.

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Zipeg can decrypt password protected files using AES encryption like WinZip. It automatically combines and allows you to open multipart .zip and .rar files. It has an inbuilt, super fast ‘hover over’ preview option that uses EXIF thumbnails for image files.

For those who are looking to open multiple gmail attachments (downloaded as zip file) or browse through Facebook backup zip files, this application is ideal for you. And its absolutely free! Moreover, it’s easy to use for everyone.

5. WinZip for Mac: Another Best Zip software for mac

WinZip for mac: Zip software for mac

When it comes to zipping or unzipping files, WinZip is a household name. Extremely easy to use and a user-friendly interface has gone a long way to make it widely popular. Though it has taken many years to reach Mac, it is widely used by Mac users nowadays.

It can zip and unzip files instantly. It protects your files against corruption using banking-level AES encryption. What’s more? You can share your files directly to iCloud Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive and ZipShare from within WinZip itself.
It has provision for previewing files and integrates well with OS X. It is a paid app with a free trial period.

6. RAR for Mac

It is a common lightweight compression tool for any Mac, which can seamlessly compress and reduce the size of files, email attachments and files downloaded from the Internet. It provides kaleidoscopic options for managing your data. It can effectively backup your files., create new archives in the .zip and .rar formats.

It cannot just compress but can also extract virtually all kinds of file compression formats. It has no GUI, just terminals. So, novices can often get stranded. It also requires you to purchase a license, which has jeopardized its overall popularity in the light of better softwares like Zipeg.

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7. Rar Expander for Mac

Rar Expander for mac: Zip software for mac

Mac has limited options when it comes to .zip and .rar files. RAR Exapnder is a quick and easy way to open WinRAR archives. A stable application, it can handle both single and multi-part archives. This comes in handy when expanding large files like videos. It also works seamlessly with password protected files. It is very easy to use with a user-friendly interface.

However, it is limited to the RAR format and doesn’t work with others. It does not restore damaged or corrupt files. For basic compressing and decompressing files on Mac, this is an excellent choice.

8. Simply Rar for Mac: Simple Zip software for mac

It is a simple and file archiver for Mac. It comes without Graphic User Interface. Speaking more subtly, rookies are going to find it difficult to use. Its company developers are now shutting shop, so those who get stuck have no way out of the mess.

But once you understand the working, this software makes archiving and unarchiving a breeze. It also allows easy browsing through the archives. You only to right click on archives to zip or unzip the files.

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