I can guess, the first picture come to your mind when you hear puzzles will be like old school black and white puzzles with lots of numbers and alphabets that often explode your brain and leave you in boredom, but what if puzzles are amazing and interesting to play, with lots of fun that require your utmost concentration and let your mind play furiously without getting tired.

These puzzles aren’t just simple games but they are actually highly programmed games with lots of wonderful graphics, sounds to boost up your concentration level and focus, but ya let me warn you these games are quite addicting, you won’t be able to resist yourself to stop. Some of the best puzzle games for mac are:

The all you should know about octagon is that it is really a very fast game that requires lots of patience and agility. Graphics and background music in this game are really up to the mark.

So in this game, there will be a “ball” which you have to take to the target after passing through various octagonal shapes like hurdles, so to master that you need to be very quick and fast.The most difficult part is this game is it has lots of whitespaces hence more chances to lose. This game is not hard to play but requires lots of concentration.

After each level, your performance is shown in a pie chart to keep a track of your performance. This game is played like this:  To move right you just have to tap right and for left you have to tap left side and sometimes you have to jump so just swipe.

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When I started playing this game, I used to knock out in just a few seconds but now I kinda mastering it. Hope you will also master it soon.

This game is like the late nineties falling blocks game which you have to arrange smartly to win, but with the addition of latest new features makes it best arcade game on MAC.  This is really very smooth to play you just need to keep your blocks away from the heap to avoid losing it.

This game becomes interesting when multiple players are there and you will get your online ranking all over a network to check your progress and hence no doubt becomes so addicting to play. The latest feature in this game is you can customize the blocks as well.

Little inferno for mac, one of the best puzzle games for mac

This puzzle game was introduced in 2012 and it did get popular very fast. So what is in this game? In this game you have to burn the all the things you have like toys , batteries, and everything, the main theme is to burn as much you can to keep the world warmer, as the world is getting colder and our mission  is to save it. More you burn more you will get points, this game might funny and ordinary but it is not, I bet you will not be able to put your phone down.

This game is popularly termed as the best perspective puzzle game. This game as titled as the best game of the year in 2011. It’s actually a sequel of 2007 portal game. In this new version you have lots of tractor beam, lasers, and laser bridges and if you love speed his game is for you.

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So in this game, if you are a single player you will take the role of “Chell” as one of the two robots (Altas/p-body)  and the goal of the game is to explore the Aperture Science Laboratory through a complicated maze without getting died. Portal gun is used to solve the maze and can be used to move between rooms across distance but beware don’t fall in pit otherwise, you will die immediately.

Bubble Shooter is very easy to play and take only seconds to get used to it. In this game, your main aim is to destroy as much bubble you can and more you destroy the more you will get points.

You just have to burst at least 3 bubbles to get points and a new row will emerge after every six bubble burst but the game will finish the moment bubble reaches the border, so need to avoid that situation. There is actually no end to this game you can just play as long as you can just keep on collecting points.

Peggle deluxe for mac: one of my favourite puzzle games for mac

If you have loved pinball in your childhood then you definitely going to love this game.This game offer lots of colorful graphics and wonderful sound effects and it is quite addicting to play. In this game, you have to use a cannon to shoot down oranges pegs and bricks.

But the task is not over yet you have to move your ball to a moving basket which is actually a tricky part and when you able to do that level is completed and your victory will be celebrated with colorful rainbows called the stage “extreme fever”. There are 55 levels in this game with increasing difficulty with increased pegs and bricks.

Chuzzle deluxe has most amazing animated graphics and bouncy soundtracks ever, this game contains gremlin- like fur balls that giggle, sneeze and squeak as you click on them and you have to match same color gremlin and collect as many trophies you can.

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The main obstacle in this puzzle is “no more moves” situation which will really make your mind blow. The most amazing part in this game is you can switch between four modes –classic Chuzzle, speed Chuzzle, zen Chuzzle, and mind Chuzzle.

If you liked Chuzzle Deluxe then you can’t resist this game like gremlins here you have to connect similar looking jewels vertically, horizontally to make a line and even you can swap between the two to make a line of pieces. I

n this game, you definitely have to move really fast otherwise you lose. The more pair you make the more you will score. This puzzle is really addicting once you start playing it.

Hope you like these games, feel free to add more in the comment section.

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