Mac maintenance and optimization are required to clean out system junk files, test memory, rebuild and recover hard drives and clear out the deep buried debris. Mac Maintenance applications will do this for you.
Below are my picks for the best Maintenance software for Mac that’ll set your Mac working seamlessly should any trouble pop up.

1. Memory Clean for Mac: The best mac maintenance app

Memory Clean for mac

This mac maintenance app will boost your Mac’s memory and speed up things by flushing out the RAM. Mac OS X does the best possible work when it comes to managing RAM. So, the utility of RAM purging applications remains controversial.

But Memory Clean does more than just purging your RAM. It also displays your Mac’s full memory stats in the menu bar. It ensures that remaining processes and activities from recent app use do not hog up the RAM memory. It very clearly states what’s using up your RAM and in this, it stands out from Terminal. It can efficiently speed up your lagging Macintosh.

2. iStat Nano for Mac

When things are going awry and performance drops low, it becomes crucial to check out what’s going inside your Mac. Before iStat Nano, obtaining such never so simple as having it delivered to your dashboard.

It is a handy widget that’s free and easy to use, iStat Nano is redefining Mac maintenance. It displays almost everything from CPU speed, the internal temperature to remaining memory, connected drives, network traffic with battery status and much more.

This mac maintenance software is divided into categories sorted on the basis of functions. Clicking on any flips iStat Nano to reveal complete details. Everything happens instantly. The user interface is a charmer and extremely easy to operate. This is the technological stethoscope for monitoring your Mac’s vital signs.

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3. iStat Menus for Mac

iStat Menus for mac maintenance

It is a tasteful and discrete spy that sits quietly in your Menu bar and monitors your Mac from inside out. Impeccably crafted to maximize user ease iStat Menus provide a vast range of information.

Temperature sensors cover everything viz. AirPort card, battery enclosure, and even power supply. Its control center provides room to switch each element on and off. It might clutter up your menu bar with all the monitoring features running at the same time.

Some of the info may not be useful for all the users. But all in all, it’s an elegant maintenance app, having which will only do you good.

4. gfxCardStatus for Mac: Mac maintenance app for graphics card

Power hungry graphic cards associated with high-graphic gaming systems can drain out the battery of your Mac within the blink of an eye! gfxCardStatus allows you to manually choose a particular chipset (out of nVidia) that you want to remain active.

This allows the other to inactivate and you end up with an extended battery life. You can actually see a rise in your battery life if you disable the nVidia card. But gfxCardStatus doesn’t switch between the chipsets automatically. You have to manually activate chipsets.

5. iDefrag for Mac

It defragments and optimizes your mac hard disk with style. It has now been updated to make it compatible with the latest versions of Mac OS X. You can select multiple files and defragment them at once. Defragmenting is crucial to speed up the accession of files, start applications and even start your machine.

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The algorithm has been updated to provide a more comprehensible user interface and statistics. It has been improved to have better stability and a sassier outlook on retina display Macs. Its sophisticated algorithms make it the safest cleaning option. Plus it is compatible with the latest versions of Mac OS X.

6. iTool for Mac

It is multifunctional Utility application that provides comprehensive maintenance for your Macintosh. It has set high standards with its ease of use, efficiency and free maintenance utility that can keep your Mac in tip-top condition.

It is ideal for those who are looking for a Windows experience, being first-time Mac users. One of the simplest mac maintenance tools, it lists everything. So, all you have to do is go and click on the task you want to be done, like clean the ‘Internet’, ‘Restore’ Spotlight indexing to name a few.

You can automate tasks like clearing your Internet cache once a month, which can work when you’re away. It also allows users to force clean the trash once the tasks are completed. But it will not significantly enhance battery power.

7. OnyX for Mac

Onyx for mac

Simple yet, incredibly powerful maintenance tool. It works only with more recent versions of Mac OS X like Mountain Lion. It is absolutely free and keeps your Mac running in perfect order.

On the first visit, it’ll verify S.M.A.R.T. status of your disk to safeguard from future failure and analyze the structure of your volume. There is an in-built guide to help you through every process.

It allows you to set the number of parameters to check. It is one software that completely cleans your files including system, fonts and users. The automation section allows you to maintain, rebuild and clean your drive. But you will have to shut down other applications, for OnyX to work. Each version of Mac requires a different version of OnyX.

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8. Cocktail for Mac

It is counted among the best admin maintenance tool by a majority of Mac users. From clearing cache data to regulating sleep times and everything in between, there isn’t much Cocktail can’t do. Though, it more or less a Terminal replica, Cocktail’s GUI makes it much more popular and way easier to use.

Though understanding the proper working of the application remains a mystery even to some veterans, it has some features like switch on or switch off for journaling and network operations that cater well to major power users.
It gives you ultimate control over how your dock works and OS interface related issues.

In other words, it covers all maintenance issues from networking to interface tweaks. It will give you full value for your money.

9. iFreeMem for Mac

iFreeMem for mac

It can significantly improve your Macintosh performance. IFreeMem can maximize free memory through the simple process of reducing inactive memory.

Most of the other apps freeze in between and become unresponsive giving time to the memory manager to work and claim back some of the inactive memory. With IFreeMem, you can easily avoid this and allow seamless working.

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