The main reason CD/ DVD burner for mac is still asked for because when it comes to storing data, people’s thoughts converge onto ‘Cloud’. Yet, most of us are avid cloud atheists. That is, we still want our optical disks, which can be thrown into computers and stereos.
Ever since apple launched cd/DVD burning into Mac OS, a third-party software became obsolete. But if you’re looking for something more than just the basic burning, you’ll have to look in other places. We have compiled some of the best burning softwares for your Macintosh.

1. Burn for Mac: The best CD/ DVD burner for mac

Despite the multitude of apps running, this one stands at the top of our list as the ‘Best CD/ DVD burner for Mac’. It’s a powerful application given its tiny size on the window.

You can simply drag in your files here and click the ‘Burn’ button to create the perfect CD/DVD. Either storing the files and folders or creating audio and video, this software does it all. You can even copy other discs directly.

It can handle almost any format from SVCD, DVDVideo to UDF and VCD. Burn requires the files in MPG format and converts them automatically, while burning onto the disks. Disc images in the formats, ISO and DMG, can be easily written, copied or enhanced with interactive menus and themes.

Burn for mac is fast and user-friendly software that is well featured, absolutely free for your use and compatible with nearly every version of Mac OS X out there.

2. SimplyBurns for Mac

SimplyBurns for mac

This is a Mac OS X application with a graphical user interface (GUI). It allows the user to burn CDs and DVDs. It is a comparatively newer CD/DVD burner for Mac. It is an open source project just like Burn. Some of its features outshine the other burning software in circulation. A few features to name

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A few features to name for this CD/ DVD burner for mac are copy mode, built-in DVD ripping, easy image burning, audio and data project and more. The application comes as a package with the project-working mode. What’s that? It basically means that now you can store every project on your Macintosh HD as a document, which can be opened and edited anytime later.

It is not compatible with the older versions of Mac OS X and works with Mac OS X version 10.4 Tiger to the current Yosemite Snow Leopard. It does not offer multi-session support for all the supported file systems. But it’s expected to be incorporated into the upcoming versions.

3. Express Burn CD/DVD burner for mac

A burning program for mac that allows you to burn audio and video data on your Mac. It’s extremely easy to use and free of cost. There are no hassles of registration that usually come with free burning apps.

To burn your record CDs and DVDs, you just need to drag and drop the files on the software interface and click ‘Burn’. It’s that simple.

The application sets the buffer and writes speed automatically based on your hardware. Express Burn even allows you to convert files from WAV to Mp3 formats and vice versa when you click ‘Burn’.

Though not as fast as your hardware would allow, Express Burn keeps the buffering speed cranked up to finish your work in half the time other Cd/DVD burners would take. It doesn’t support Blu-Ray and LightScribe making for minuscule drawbacks.

4. LiquidCD for Mac

Liquid CD DVD burner for mac

It is the ultimate software when it comes to media and format covergage. Quick, supple and efficient, it doesn’t just burn CDs and DVDs. It is whole new level when it comes to burning.

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It has the potential to burn media files like Dreamcast discs and Wii ISO files. It also allows room for burning ISO images, which is generally preferred as opposed to DivX. You can then add custom icons to a disc or other files.

This CD/ DVD burner for mac hasn’t seen much development over the past few years. The company has just fixed a few bugs. The lack of updates has rendered the software unstable on the newer versions of Mac.

However, it still enjoys huge popularity due to its clean user interface and easy navigation with a well-provided toolbar icon on the top.

LiquidCD burner for mac covers a wide variety of formats and is lightweight. With its top-class features, it parallels most of the Best CD/DVD burners in the market.

5. MacTheRipper

It is the Mac’s oldest and smartest DVD ripper that allows you to extract files and play with them on your desktops. It does not work with newer versions like the Lion.

Although not all that easy to use, if you focus on just the ‘Disc’ and ‘Mode’, you should be able to get going. Disc allows you to select regions you want the video to work in and actions that need to disabled.

Mode allows you to select the extraction mode. It is a fast and reliable application but the latest updates are being provided by private updates only (meaning they charge you!) and difficult to get hold of.

6. DAEMON Tools for Mac

Daemon tools for mac, a cd dvd burner for mac

It is a lightweight, smart mounting and imaging software. You can emulate upto 4 virtual drives. It is your one-stop application for mounting virtually all types of image files and VHDs. It can create Data and Audio CD images.

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It also has a feature to organize favorites file in smart collection. DAEMON Tools can speed up your Mac with Ram disks. It is highly compatible with all the newer version of Macintosh HD. Highly comprehensive, this application provides a major assortment of professional tools, ready to use.

Though paid, you get to use a 20-day trial package for free. It is not very advanced with features of Pro and Blu-Ray, but it is the perfect tool for average home users.

7. RipIt for Mac

Ripping is the process of extracting files from a disk to make copies on your desktop. RipIt is simply the best CD/DVD ripper application. Operating the application is so simple that you can rip DVDs in hangovers!

With a 99.9999% success rate, RipIt is bound to work. You can both Rip and Compress your DVDs, the option lies with you. Once you start, the user interface generally shows you the estimated time to complete Ripping.

Compress allows you to immediately convert the ripped files into a format of your choosing. But conversion formats are limited.

One major drawback it the huge amount of space it consumes on your desktop. Even with lots of RAM, you might find your Mac slowing down. Also, there are very few customization options.

8. Fairmount for Mac

It is a powerful DVD decoder that isn’t going to fill up your hard drive with useless decrypted data. It decrypts DVDs on the fly directly from the DVD, which can simultaneously be accessed by other applications.

It can also backup your DVDs by dragging the files to a backup drive or onto your hardware (if you have space). Its integration with VLCPlayer, make it widely popular. One downside to using Fairmount is the requirement of additional applications to burn on the fly.

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