The Extensions in a browser gives you freedom to do so many things with just a click and if it’s the most used browser in the world, you’re going to love it. Today, we are counting the best extensions on Mac for Google Chrome. We have chosen the extensions from almost every user’s perspective and needs. Here we go:

Ad Block plus for Chrome is an extension for the Chrome Browser on your Mac that you can download for free. The Extension sits on your toolbar, and as the name suggests, it blocks all the ads during your browsing sessions. Apart from browsing sessions, the extension is capable of blocking ads on Facebook and YouTube pretty well. There will be times when you will see ads but that’s only because the extension just blocks the highly intrusive ads and bypasses the normal ones. Overall, it’s a great extension to have on your Google Chrome Toolbar.

Photo Zoom for Facebook

Many times while browsing on Facebook, there are instances when you have to click on a picture to understand it fully. The small snippets are not able to do it fully and that’s where this extension comes in. When you install this extension, you’re able to zoom in on profile pictures and other photos just by hovering over them. It accounts for a great experience with pictures on your Facebook.

MaskMe Extension on Chrome masks up your email address, Phone number, and Credit Card details so that no One can spam you with the advertising emails in your inbox. It encrypts your data with the AES-256 Encryption that is the highest level of encryption right now. The Encryption Extension in available for free on the Chrome Extension market and you can install it easily and activate it.

chromatic for chrome for mac

If you know Google and Chrome and Google, you would know that most of the software and apps in the Google Ecosystem are open sourced, which means that if you’re a developer, you can make some changes in the system that can turn useful for others. When it comes to Chromatic, it helps you to update the chromatic, that is an open source tool behind Google Chrome. You can select a beta stage and as well as on the build and your software gets updated as such.

If you use 1 password to manage all your Passwords and credit card details, the extension for 1 Password is a must in your Chrome Browser. You just have to fill your master password once and the extension takes care of the rest from there. It fills up all the passwords in your directory wherever needed and if you’re creating a new one, it suggests you new ones that are easy to remember and hard to guess.

Momentum for Chrome for mac

Momentum is a great extension to have on your Chrome tab on your Mac. Momentum gives you the inspiration every day to do new things with the help of beautiful imagery and quotations.You can set up a to-do list and save your favourite links that you visit often. You can also set a single focus item of the day. In the latest upgrade, you can show or hide widgets to customise the look of your tab.

Who Doesn’t like a good coupon when buying anything so that we can buy more and more. Coupons at Checkout is an Extension by Coupon Follow that lets you find great coupons at checkout. All you have to do is visit a supported online store from their list to get the offers. When you visit the Checkout page, click on the coupons section to find the right option for you. It runs in the background and activates only at checkout. Shopaholics, Go get the extension now.

evernote webclipper for chrome for mac

If you love using Evernote for taking notes and saving things to do later, Evernote Web Clipper extension takes you one level ahead. You can save things like a screenshot from a web page, LinkedIn profile and many other things just by clicking at the extension. Everything that you save syncs across all your devices.

Google Drive is a great place for storing all your documents on the cloud. If you’re in professional line, Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint would be the tools that you use. This extension helps you edit all your documents, Excel sheets and Presentation slides inside the browser. The Extension opens the following documents using Google Docs, Slides, and sheets.

weather watcher live for chrome

Weather Watcher Live lets you watch the weather conditions directly from your Extension bar. You can add the place you want to monitor by entering the name or ZIP code.  The Weather keeps updating in real time with factors like Wind speed, Dew point, Humidity and many more things.

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