A dictionary or a language translator app for mac OS can help you in translating web pages in different languages to your native language. They can also help you learning a new language. These language translators apps can also help you in typing and researching new things on the internet.
We have come up with a list of the best dictionary and language translator apps for mac which can you help you understand the internet world more.

Tux Typing for Mac

Tux typing is one of the very famous typing apps for mac. Though it does not fall into any category of translator or dictionary but still, I wanted to list it out.  Any teacher or educator knows that the key to helping kids learn is to make it fun.

Tux typing for mac makes kids learn the typing in a very fun and comfortable way. Basically, the words fall from the sky and the kid has to type those words in order to vanish them before to they fall  on the surface.

GhostReader for mac:

GhostReader for mac

If you have heard of ghost writer then here is an app named as GhostReader for mac which reads out for you. Even though Apple’s text to speech utility, VoiceOver, is very handy at times, however, it is limited in features. GhostReader for mac offers you a wide choice of languages and voices and can read any text selection.

iReadFast for mac:

iReadFast for mac, basically, helps you speed up your reading speed and style. You have to feed the words and paste them into this app and then this app will flash these before you and you will have to read those. Basically, iReadFast for mac is more like a slideshow which lets you read out the words very fast.

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Rhyme Genie for mac:

Rhyme Genie for mac

When writing a poem, we often find it hard to find a rhyme. Rhyme Genie for mac is that’s where it helps you out. It helps you in finding the missing word to make your poem or song complete. If you are into the world of digital marketing, this language app for mac is surely for you.

poEdit for mac:

‘PO’ stands for the portable object in poEdit for mac. these portable object help in translation some ways. These portable objects work on the Linux machine which is the basic building block of the mac OS.

So, if you have created any app for mac OS and you want to convert that app to another language then, poEdit for mac is for you. Also, it is free to use.

Easy Translator for mac: