A Bookmark Manager for mac helps in maintaining the online content in an organized manner. The best Bookmark manager, besides giving you an option to bookmark your favorite URLS, also gives you other options like labeling, tagging, listing etc.
So, we have come up with a list of the best bookmark manager for mac to help you organize your web content in a better way.

Bookdog for Mac: Simple Bookmark manager for mac

Bookdog bookmark manager for mac is from Sheep Systems. It allows the mac users to sort, import/export, migrate, verify, find redirects, search, and find duplicates among their bookmarks collections in Safari, Firefox, Google Bookmarks and other browser bookmarks. Bookmark Migrations using this bookmark manager can easily be scheduled using Apple’s Automator.

AllBookmarks for Mac: Easy to remember Bookmark manager for mac

One of the best features about this bookmark manager for mac is that if you can’t remember where you bookmarked a website, this bookmark manager for mac helps you in searching all the browsers for that lost bookmark.
Using AllBookmarks for mac, you can add a new icon to your Mac OS X menu bar you can quickly access all your bookmarks.
You can also select Safari, Firefox, and Flock bookmarks. Also, AllBookmarks for mac gives you access to your 1Password-1Click bookmarks so you can navigate to a page, fill the form, and submit it, all with a single click!

Concierge for Mac: The integrated Bookmark manager

Concierge bookmark manager for mac is an integrated bookmark assistant for web browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc. Concierge for mac manages the web bookmarks, e-mail links, finder file, folder links etc. through a drawer attached to either side of Safari’s browser window.
You can also group your history by site, by date visited, or both.

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Webbla for Mac: One of the Best Visual Mac Bookmark manager

Webbla for mac: Visual bookmark manager for mac

Webbla for mac comes as an application as a bookmark manager for mac. It is best known for organizing your bookmarks visually. You can also keep track of website updates easily using Webbla for mac. It also supports Spotlight, Cover Flow, and Quick Look.

The best thing about this bookmark application in Mac is that instead of remembering your bookmarks by title, Webbla gives you a new way to remember them visually. You can also personalize your bookmarks with tags or keeping them in different categories will help you to come back to them easily. You can also define your own shortcuts to add bookmarks from your web browser to Webbla.

Bookmark Sorter for Mac: Bookmark manager to sort Bookmarks

Bookmark Sorter for mac integrates itself to the Safari menu. It asks you how you would like to have your bookmarks sorted, and then sort them for you. Some of the options for sorting the bookmarks are sorting them alphabetically.

Bookmark Sorter for mac is a regular application and you can manage this bookmark sorter as you manage other mac applications. As soon as a new bookmark is added to Safari, the bookmark sorter will automatically re-sorted according to your selected preferences.

Little Bookmark Box for Mac

Little Bookmark Box, Bookmark manager for mac

Here are the key highlights of the Little Bookmark Box for mac:

  • Easily store interesting links while browsing the Internet.
  • Smart Boxes to automatically find and organize your bookmarks.
  • All your bookmarks, neatly arranged, in one place.
  • Works unobtrusively, side by side with your browser.
  • You can sort bookmarks within each Box differently.
  • Several ways to access and search your bookmarks quickly.
  • Editable bookmarks (title, url and comment).
  • Remembers the app used to open a bookmark.
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Bookmark Buddy for mac: One of the Best Bookmark Manager for mac

Using Bookmark buddy for mac, you can manage your bookmarks much easier. When a website is bookmarked using this app, it uses the following properties in bookmarking a website:

  • URL of the bookmarked website
  • logon passwords
  • Rating to the website
  • Keywords associated with the website

Using Bookmark Buddy for mac, you can also check the status of bookmarked sites in the background. The status tells you if the site has been updated or moved since you last visited.

Pinbox for Mac: Pinning Bookmark manager for mac

Pinbox for mac

Pinbox for mac is a Pinboard client. Using this, you can manage your bookmarks. But to access this, you need to have a pinboard.in account. Support tag suggestion. Search bookmark by keyword. Filter bookmarks by tags. Group by tag Share to

Pinbox for mac supports tag suggestions. You can also search bookmark by keyword; filter bookmarks by tags; group by tag Share to the social network.

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