We often face laptop overheating, CPU overheating and macBook overheating problems. These overheating problems make our macBook run slow and even the solutions like restarting or clearing the cache or other solutions do not seem to work.

One of my friends was facing the same issue and later, we figured out that it was the fan problem in macBook pro overheating. Based on our experience, I am going to address this overheating issue.

Possible Macbook overheating symptoms:

  • CPU overheating because of the slow fan speed
  • Overuse of graphics card
  • macBook shuts down after a time when it gets heated up
  • Overheating problem after CPU intensive works like gaming, video editing etc.
  • Using external monitor etc.

With the reference from the above four possible MacBook overheating issues and other less frequent issues, I am going to make a list of MacBook overheating fixes which could be of help to you.

smcFanControl for mac to counter macBook overheating problem

A macBook does not give you control over starting the cooling fans start because they are automatically controlled by your CPU. However, using smcFanControl for mac, you can set the default minimum speed of the built in fans so that you can actually increase the minimum velocity to make your Intel Mac run cooler.

Besides, smcFanControl for mac also displays the temperature and fan speed in the menu bar. In the menu bar, you can also set different minimum speeds for every fan separately (macBook has different fans) and alters them accordingly when the power source changes.

In case, you find out that our macBook fan is worn out, please replace them with a new macBook Fan. Because the wisdom is in shelling out $20 than paying $600 for your motherboard.

iStat: A fix and to stop macBook overheating solution

iStat for mac is an alternative to smcFanControl for mac. You can use this app in case the smcFanControl does not work on your mac os X. This app gives detailed information about:

  • Processes and their battery and memory utilization
  • CPU utilisation
  •  Apps using significant amount of energy
  • Disk usage and utility
  • Network usage and utilities etc.
  • gfxCardStatus for mac

gfxCardStatus for mac allows you to set integrated (intel) graphics card as the card to use all the time. According to many mac users, AMD graphic cards cause the most of the problems.  It also allows you to see which apps are affecting their battery life by using more power-hungry graphics.

  • Clean inside of your macBook

Because of its compact shape, sometimes it also happens that dust gets gathered inside of your macBook and it does not allow air and heat to pass through. In those cases, cleaning your macBook with hands or compressed air duster (a better option) is advisable.

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However, to open your macBook, you will need a specialized toolkit for macBook.

  • Change external Monitor or change your HDMI cable if using an external monitor

A bad HDMI cable, when plugged in with your MacBook, can cause uneven battery drainage and thus dissipating more heat as well. So make sure you are using a proper Mac HDMI cable

  • Use mac cooling pad

Before you read this paragraph, I also suggest you go to the next paragraph under the next heading. So, until now, the technology behind the mac cooling pad had been more like a fan sucking the hot air from your macBook. Also, they provide elevation so that the cooling fan or the macBook exhaust can throw out the air properly thus preventing the macBook Overheating.

A macBook typically has three exhausts as shown in the image below:

MacBook Overheating problem, MacBook exhausts

Source: http://www.macinfo.us/

And different fans work at different intensive tasks.

To prevent macBook overheating problem, we need to give ample space to these fans throwing out hot air from inside the macBook to throw out the hot air. If one or all of these are blocked, they result into macBook getting overheated.

Owing to these conditions, two types of macBook cooling pad comes:

  • Elevated or fixed cooling pad for mac

These cooling pads are fixed for your ergonomics and you need to sit in front of them to use your macBook. They are mobile but not so easy to use. However, these macBook Cooling pads are elegant and look very stylish.

  • Mac chill mat

Mac Chill Mat is not fixed at its place and it can be carried around easily. Also, a few of them do not even need an external charger. They are coming into play these days a lot.

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If you have to choose in between a fixed cooling pad and a chill mat, go for the chill mat because it is portable.

Some Tips to prevent mac overheating:

  • Intensive tasks like gaming, video editing, flash which are intensive in nature will generate more heat than normal tasks, in that case, do not get panicked by macBook overheating problem. First, analyze it before getting panicked.
  • Try other options like restarting your macBook after a longer use. It will wipe out RAM and thus, will put lesser pressure on RAM
  • Do not block the passage of the hot air exhaust from your macBook. It might also cause macBook overheating.
  • Try to know the overheating problem before taking any decision.

I hope this post had been informative for you and will also help you in getting rid of the macBook overheating problem. However, different macBooks are designed in different ways and also different users have different styles of working over the macBook.

So, even after following these steps, you still see the laptop overheating issue, please drop a comment with the problem specification.

Enjoy 🙂

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