A Keylogger for Mac compiles the keystroke logs on your mac. Compilation of the keystrokes gives you an insight into the usage by other people on your Mac or on their Mac. The software runs in the stealth mode and is helpful if you’re concerned about your kid’s safety or want to keep a tab on your employees.

In any other case, we won’t suggest you using this for spying on someone as it is legally and ethically not okay to do so. Today, We are counting down the best keylogger for Mac:

Aobo Keylogger for mac

Aobo Keylogger standard records all the password typed in your browser or apps on your Mac. You can customize the system to count all the keystrokes on your mac. The software works in the background so that no one can monitor it.

You can set intervals for desktop intervals too in the application on your Mac. Aobo Keylogger for mac lets you record all the chats and conversations on the target Mac so that you can see them later.

Elite keylogger is another hidden key logger that works in the background to record all the keystrokes on the target device. Whether it’s your kid or someone in your family, you want to keep an eye on, elite keylogger does the job every time.

Elite keylogger is available for free but the paid version gives you features like Password capturing, chat records, customer support and completely undetectable for your target.

Keyboard and Mouse recorder lets you record your keyboard strokes, mouse clicks and tracking on your system. You can save the data in a file and export it anywhere as you like. If you are a gamer or painter and want to keep all this information, then this is the thing for you.

Amac Keylogger for mac

Amac Keylogger lets you keep track of all the websites visited, passwords, Keystrokes and chat conversations on Mac you like. You can capture screenshots on the target Mac and monitor it for your use. So, Whether it’s your kids, family or employees you want to have a tab on, Amac has plans for everyone. You can download the trial version for free and the full version is paid.

EaseMon Keylogger for mac

EaseMon is a software by Aobo customised to monitor your employees in any organisation. You can invisibly log keystrokes, emails, instant messages, conversations and capture screenshots of your employees’ system. You can also keep track of the website visited by them using the app.

  • Free Mac Keylogger:

Free Mac Keylogger is a simple to use app for Mac that records your Keystrokes and opening and closing time for apps on your Mac. It is a free software and works on Mac OS 10.6.8 and above. Free Mac Keylogger is a great tool for parents who want to monitor the messages their children send and the applications they open on their Mac or shared Mac in the family.

Key spy logger for mac

Keyboard Spy logger records all the keystrokes on your keyboard and records them in the background in a log file. If you want to monitor the activities of someone who used your Mac in your absence, then it is one of the best keyloggers for Mac. Keyboard Spy logger doesn’t appear on the dock and works silently in the background.

Keystroke spy is a powerful software that logs all the keystrokes on your Mac and captures their screenshot. Not only that, it logs all the website visited along with the password used in the website and apps. You can monitor all the chat conversations in social networks and emails sent or received on the Mac.

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It sends activity logs via email while running silently in the background. The software alerts you when specific phrases are types that ensure the security of your crucial information.

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