Twitter is an online social networking site as well as a microblogging website which allows users to express their opinions within a limitation of 140 characters. When Twitter began, it only allowed people to share their opinions in words. Sharing an opinion is also called as “Tweeting” on Twitter.
If someone wants to tweet something on this platform, he needs to register on this site. However, for reading a tweet, you need not be registered with this site.

Recently, Twitter has allowed it’s users to tweet along with photos, GIFs and also videos which have made this platform even more interesting. However, Twitter does not allow to download the interesting videos that you see directly from their site.

But I am aware of a third party web application which allows you to download videos from Twitter. Follow the steps below to know how to download twitter videos online.

How to download Twitter Videos using Twitter Video Downloader

  • On any tweet with a video, click on More (Three dots …) at the bottom of a Tweet and click on “Copy link to Tweet”as shown in the image below.

Copy link to Tweet to download a Twitter video

  • Once you click, you will get the link of the tweet. Select the entire URL/ link of the tweet and copy the tweet link by either right clicking on it or pressing CTRL+C on your keyboard.

Copy link to Tweet to download twitter videos

  • Go to this site: Twitter Video Downloader, and, paste the Link/ URL of the tweet by either right clicking in the box or by pressing CTRL+V as shown in the image below. Then, click on Download
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Twitter video downloader to download twitter videos

  • Once you click on download, it will take you to the next screen from where you can save twitter videos to your PC and/ or you can also download another video from twitter.

Download twitter videos

If you face any problem while downloading twitter videos, let us know in the comments below.

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