Steam for mac is a digital distribution platform which offers multiplayer gaming and in-game social networking. Steam gives  liberty to the user to install and upgrade games on numerous computer or share that with friends. Using steam for mac, you can save your game progress or even whole game to a cloud and even chat while playing using text and voice messages.
It also provides numerous APIs to game developers which enable them to develop their game effectively using different options which are offered by steam APIs.

Steam is a perfect tool for game enthusiasts also and steam on mac gives a good news to mac users. Now you can download steam on MAC and enhance your love for gaming.

Download and install Steam for mac

  • Go to Download Steam page.
  • The below window will appear. Click on Install Stream Now .
  • Download and install Steam for mac_1Locate the downloaded file steam.dmg and double-click to mount the disk image or .dmg file. The downloaded file should mostly be in your Downloads folder.

Download and install Steam for mac_2

  • The below License agreement window shows up. You can review the policies here. If you want to continue, then click on Agree.

Download and install Steam for mac_3

  • A window appears, prompting you to drag the Stream icon to your Applications folder.Click the icon in this window and drag it to the Applications folder shown next to it.

Download and install Steam for mac 4

  • Go to Applications Folder and Click on Stream.

Download and install Steam for mac_5

  • Then, the below window appears.Agree by Clicking Open.

Download and install Steam for mac_6

  • Next, the Steam window will appear. If you already have an account in Steam then simply click on Login .Otherwise, click on Create New account.
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Download and install Steam for mac 7

  • Once, you are done with creating of steam account, the below window will appear. Now you can start exploring the world of gaming.

Download and install Steam for mac 15

It’s game time……….

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