A DNS management tool for mac lets you manage Domain Name System on your personal computer. DNS Management is a serious issue if you manage the internet in your organisation or provide internet services as an ISP. DNS is the gateway to the internet via IP addresses. So, today we will be some of the best DNS management tools for mac:

Best DNS Management Tool for Mac

  • DNS Flusher

DNS flusher flushes out the DNS and the related table entry from your DNS table. Once flushed out, it builds up entirely a new table. So, if you’re unable to open pages that you know may exist then the problem lies in your Domain name services. DNS Flusher helps you out here by flushing all the domain name services and building them up from scratch. The New DNS services help you establish better connections for seamless connectivity.

DNS Flusher: DNS management tool for mac

DNS Enabler allows you to set up DNS server on your Mac machine. You don’t need a clunky server anymore to do this task. With the help of a neat interface, you can allow users to specify domain name-to-address mappings for machines on the Internet, as well as their aliases or MX records. The software automatically generates the .conf file for mapping and other tasks required by your server for domain forwarding.

DNSEnabler for mac

DNS Expert for Mac is a great tool to manage your DNS server operations easily without much of a headache. You can analyse unlimited domains for DNS services and the software also isolates the domains with problems. Not only that, the software also gives you a solution to complex problems with your DNS services. If you’re a DNS administrator in your organisation, this is a must tool to have.

  • DNS Agent

If you’re using a Mac on dynamic address changing scenario, the changing IP address can affect the mapping of the two. DNS agent does the job for you by constantly mapping the changing IP address to DNS server at all times.

Some Websites (Pornographic and malicious ones) bring in DNS Changer Trojan horse with them. The Trojan horse keeps redirecting you to websites full of malware. DNSChanger Removal tool scans your Mac for these trojan horses and updates you. You can remove them from your Mac then and restart to omit all the DNS changes on your Mac. DNSChanger Removal tool is a great DNS management tool for mac.

  • OpenDNS updater for Mac:

If you ever feel like you’re unable to access a website and are sure about the URL or the IP address, you should switch to OpenDNS updater for mac. The problem arises when you have a DHCP connection, with changing IP connection with lease time. Open DNS updater helps you in that case by sitting on your menu bar and keeping your Dynamic IP information up to date on the OpenDNS website.

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Best DNS Management Tool for Mac

  • iDNS

If you’re keen on setting up your own DNS server, then this is the tool for you. iDNS lets you create DNS configurations for your own server as simple as dragging and dropping. iDNS uses the de facto standard DNS server, BIND, which comes installed on every Mac. If you’ve ever used a Mac Server, iDNS will make you feel like home at half the price of Mac Server.

  • StellarDNS:

Stellar DNS for Mac helps you configure the DNS services for your system with the help of a clean GUI. You don’t have to learn complex commands or syntaxes to do tasks. You can import or export the configurations on the Mac and the software gives you the ability to work on multiple configurations simultaneously. The software supports most BNI8 and BNI9 constructs.

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