Mac OS X Security should be a prime concern for your MacBook, no matter how safe your macBook is you think. Security for mac is necessary as viruses, spyware, malware, and hackers always try to compromise your mac security. That’s why we have come up with a list of security software for mac.
These mac security Softwares are from different areas like:

  • Antivirus for mac
  • Software for wifi security for mac
  • System cleaning software for mac
  • Software for having a safe and secure browsing on mac
  • Password manager for mac
  • Encryption software for mac
  • Do not track software for mac
  • Scanning software for mac etc.

However, you do not need all these software because our working style is different and we might not need all of them. So choose wisely from the list below and find our the best mac security software for yourself.

A list of Security software for mac: Choose the best Mac security software for You

  • Avast for mac

Avast Free Mac Security works on Yosemite or above versions for your Mac. It’s available for free on the Avast Website. It scans your Mac for viruses, Malware, and the possible threats on your system. This mac security software scans down your external hard drives and other volumes too for incoming threats and blocks as such.

The neat interface of Avast helps you manage it easily with a minimum 5 button interface. Yes, there is a slow scan time but it is worth it.

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Download Hotspot Shield for Mac: A free VPN for Mac 1

Hotspot shield for mac is used to create a secure connection to surf websites securely. The software creates a virtual private connection that secures routing data to your browser. You can access websites using the software by creating an identity from a location other than the current one. So, if a website is not available in your place, you can access it from outside too.

The Mac OS X also collects trash and temporary files just like a Windows PC from time to time. It’s necessary to clear that Mac trash to make your Mac run smoothly.

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In clearing out the unwanted trash, temporary files, junk files, and broken permissions from time to time, Ccleaner for mac could be of great help because it does so with a single a click. It also helps you browse safely by clearing your browser history, cookies, and permissions on your Mac so that your identity remains anonymous on the websites.

Tor for mac

Tor for mac is a free browser by the Tor community to help you hide your identity from the advertisers and companies. The Tor establishes a secure connection with the servers and bounces your request along many servers across the world to hide your identity.

When the page returns, it comes back peeling up all the connections and back on your Mac. This ensures that no one knows where the data is going to. Since the data is being transmitted along a range of servers, you might feel a little slow Internet connection and that is okay if you’re using an anonymous connection.

MacScan for mac is a security software for mac that detects all the threats on your Mac and takes appropriate actions for that. The software is available for free as a 30-day trial and you have to pay $39.99 after that if you like it.

MacScan for mac tracks blacklisted cookies and omits them from time to time. It protects your Mac against Trojans, spyware, Adware, and many other threats. You can scan specific volumes or a full scan. A full scan took around 45 minutes.

Little Snitch for mac is a mac security software which is in the list of must have applications if you take mac security very seriously. Little Snitch monitors your outgoing connections very seriously and alerts you when an app attempts to make a connection outside.

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You can block the connection or allow as you like. Not only that, it monitors your browsing sessions too for possible threats. Little Snitch also acts as a firewall for incoming connections also on your Mac.

Aobo Keylogger for mac

Aobo Keylogger for mac stores every keystroke on your Mac. It records every keystroke that you hit on your Mac along with Url entered on your browser. Not only that, it can record chat conversations and it works quietly in the background that is very hard to detect.

It can record passwords too that you can monitor later. It is a great tool if you want to monitor what your children are viewing and guide them as such.

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Download & Install 1Password for mac_6

1Password for mac is a password management app for your Mac that helps you manage your passwords very well and makes them easy to remember. Using this mac security software, you can save most of your passwords, credit card information, password information under a master password which is already encrypted.

All you have to do is remember the master password on your Mac. 1Password also suggests you unique password when you’re signing up on a website which looks like a great help.

As we know Safari is the default browser for Mac OS X. Sometimes, we do not use other recommended browsers like Chrome for mac or firefox for mac because we are too lazy to download them. But in reality, these browsers are very easy to download.

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Do not track me for Safari helps you protect your privacy when you’re browsing online. You can mask your credit card, Phone, and other details to help save from intruders and hackers while browsing. It has a pretty straightforward implementation technique and it you can control the privacy rights with just one click.

TrueCrypt for mac is an encryption app for all your files, folders and every other thing on your Macbook. You can encrypt anything by just setting up a password and the other person can only decrypt it with the use of the password. When decrypted, the software doesn’t keep it on your Hard Drive but only RAM. It’s a free application for Mac.

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I am sure this above list of the best mac security Software must have helped in deciding a list of security software for Mac. Enjoy 🙂

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