So, you bought a new Macbook for security and you feel that you’re safe from all the threats and intruders. Think Again! When it comes to network intrusion, your Mac is also as much vulnerable as just another PC in your neighbourhood. That’s where a good firewall comes in and the tools to access the firewall. You need a good firewall for mac to ban everything unauthorised trying to access your Mac or creating a connection outside. So we have come up with a list of the-

Best Firewall for mac:

TCPBlock for mac

TCP block is a free firewall for Mac that prevents your Mac from unauthorised threats. It prevents malware program to collect data and send it over the internet to the servers. TCP Block works for both the incoming and outgoing connections and it works well.

The easy to use interface works well for everyone, from amateurs to professionals and you can customise the software according to your needs. The software starts up right from the very moment you boot your Mac and saves you from all the threats.

Water Roof is one of our favourite firewalls for Mac. It integrates with the built in firewall on Mac OS and protects you from any threats. It lets you create and delete ipv4 and ipv6 rules very easily. WaterRoof detects the connections to your Mac and it alerts you of any suspicious connections, which you can block as per your convenience.

You can also manage rules on OS X server using the firewall injectors. WaterRoof also lets you monitor the bandwidth use by different programs and you can limit the bandwidth for the programs that you want to curb on.

VPNTracker 365 is a VPN client for mac Developed for professionals and business. If you’re a frequent traveler in your company, it is one of the best ways to work remotely. VPNTracker 365 uses the highest level of encryption to give you a safe network.

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You’re able to set an expiration date for all of your system files shared with others and they disappear after that. VPNTracker 365 is a powerful VPN client that makes working in teams quite easy over your course of travel.

  • PortScanner for mac

PostScanner is a tool built inside your Mac operating system that lets you scan ports for a give IP or domain. You can find Port scan inside the Network Utility, which you can only access via the Spotlight on your Mac. From there, you can select a list of IPs to scan and start the port scanning as you like.

  • DoorStep X for mac

DoorStep X is a paid firewall for Mac that is available for free for a 30 days trial. It comes with a setup assistant embedded inside to help you secure your Mac at its best. All the TCP services are on by default in the app and you can set protection on an address to address or service to service basis.

NoobProof firewall for mac

Just like Waterproof, Noobproof also integrates with a built-in firewall on your Mac and protects it from any threats. You can easily control the internet bandwidth on any particular app or the whole internet in general. You can see easy firewall logs in window, terminal or real time according to your convenience. The neat interface of Noobproof helps you easily create rules and policies and monitor them.

Easy VPN is not a firewall but an interface to manage the built-in VPN services on your Mac. You can start just by adding a list of IP addresses and a shared secret if you wish to use the L2TP/IPsec. You can set VPN permissions, add DNS servers and search domains as per your requirement. You can also import or export your list of users to manage it easily.

IceFloor Firewall for Mac

IceFloor is an application that also works as a firewall for mac. It also gives you a user-friendly Graphical user interface for your PF firewall which is integrated with your Mac. You can use the firewall to configure the incoming and outgoing connections on your Firewall as per your needs and security levels.

FirewallBuilder helps you manage your firewall with the help of predefined rules in a feature-rich GUI. Firewall builder supports cluster support for Cisco ASA/PIX and openBSD pf firewalls for the same.

Intego Net Barrier X8 firewall for mac

IntegoNet barrier X8 works as a firewall on your mac and provides you protection by switching to the best configuration in any network you are. That means if you switch your network from home to office or anywhere else, it can automatically find the best security settings for the same. You can block connections to specific domains as you like, as well as the applications too.

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