The best mac password manager is responsible for managing all of your passwords protected by a master password. The master password is encrypted and a mac password manager can be used to store data other than passwords like credit card information, passport information etc.
In short, a password manager for mac keeps a record of all of your passwords. If we analyze the number of passwords we use in our daily life then I personally have to manage 65 passwords along with 8 financial cards and other data as well.

Privacy is another important in the midst of it all. You cannot keep the same password for everything and your brain cannot succumb all this information. I use a password manager to keep everything secure and available whenever I want it. You also need one. That’ s why we are giving you a list of password managers to choose from to make your life easy and simpler:

Best Password Manager for mac:

Download & Install 1Password for mac_6

1Password by Agile bits helps you manage all your Passwords securely beneath a master vault that can only be opened only by the master password. 1Password stores all your details encrypted in the AES-256 bit format. It can store information your credit card details to notes and bank routing numbers in the shell. The software suggests you new secure passwords when you’re signing up for a new services or websites.

1Password for mac is surely the best password manager for mac

  • Keeper for mac:

Keeper provides you a digital vault with a 256-bit encryption to save all your useful information from hackers or unwanted access. Keeper provides a multi-factor and two-factor authentication factor to add security to your digital vault.

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You can keep all your passwords, files and folders inside the vault to save it from others and when you send it to others, that happens in an encrypted format so that only the person on the other end can decrypt it. There are different versions for a person and business in Keeper for all your needs.

Pastor mac password manager

The Pastor is an online mac password manager app that stores everything from your passwords to private links, logins, and secret notes to yourself. The Password generator in the app defaults to 14 digits alphameric that you can change according to your needs.

It works on Mac OS X 10.6 and above. The only downfall of the software is its interface which gives it off but the company seems to be working on with constant updates.

LastPass Mac Password Manager utilizes AES 256-bit encryption implemented with PBKDF2 encryption keys and salted hashing that means that all your passwords are safe with the software. T

he browser plugin fills up the password anywhere and makes it easier for you to sign in and the saved credit card details make it easier for you to check out with a single click. The browser plugin is available for Safari, Chrome, Firefox and opera browser.

  • Password Bank Vault for mac

This mac password manager stores all your passwords in 128-bit format and that’s also a safe format as long as there’s not an experienced hacker behind your data. The software has a clean interface and easy installation.

You are provided user tips to learn the software and have to select a master password for all the passwords. The user interface is customizable according to your needs and the spreadsheet style makes for a pleasant experience.

  • PasswordVault Lite for mac

Password vault lite for mac

Password Vault Lite runs right off a pen drive or iPod on your Mac and provides you an unbelievable 896-bit encryption to protect all your data. It stores all your login data, auto lock timer and auto clearing of clip text.

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You can select skins for the interface or reset the master password as per your needs. The lite edition is available as a 30-day trial and you can buy after that. In terms of encryption level and security, PasswordVault Lite can be said as the best mac password manager of all.

  • Ascendo Data Vault for Mac

Ascendo uses beautiful icons to store all your passwords inside it and uses AES technology to secure your data. You can store your passwords, Credit card details, usernames and financial information inside the software. This mac password manager syncs across all your devices well and fills up the data.

PasswordPlus is a great mac password managing app that syncs across all your devices very easily. You can sync your passwords, credit cards, notes and other useful documents across your phone, MacBook, and iPad with just one syncing ID.

PasswordPlus costs $9.99 across every device and gives you full functionality and security for your crucial information.

  • Password Wallet for mac

Password Wallet supports OS X 10.6 and above on your Mac and it synchronizes across all your devices effortlessly. It uses BlowFish encryption algorithm with 448-bit keys to protect your data.

Password Wallet copies passwords to the clipboard and automatically deletes them after they are posted to keep your info safe. You can also keep your master password inside the Mac Keychain so that you don’t forget it in case.

Keymaster password manager for mac

Keymaster is another Password manager for mac that stores all your password inside a digital locker on your Mac. You can access the passwords using a master password only and the app auto locks itself after every 20 seconds of inactivity.

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KeyMaster uses SQLite and Blowfish encryption to make sure that all your passwords and personal information is safe inside the software.

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