On an iPad, the Safari browser does not come with any option to clear Safari history and browsing data with cookies like in Google Chrome browser on the desktop. So, how to clear safari history? Well, everything on Apple handy¬†devices such as iPad, iPhone etc., these things can be directly done from the Settings of the device. So here are the steps on –

How to Clear Safari History & Cookies on iPad:

  • Go to iPad ‘Settings’ and Tap on Safari on the left pane

General settings under iOS

  • Scroll down and Tap on ‘Clear History and Website Data’ .¬†The device will ask for your confirmation. Confirm it to proceed

How to clear Safari history & Cookies on iPad

Once you confirm, all of your Safari history will be cleared out from your device. And you will also notice that the Clear history option has been greyed out. That means there is no more data to be wiped out from safari.

If you do not want your history to be recorded or any of your browsing data to be stored in Safari as Safari history, you can use your web browser in incognito mode for the same purpose.

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