Facetime is a great feature for making a call to someone who also uses Apple devices. However, sometimes, this could also be annoying because it might happen that someone just pester us with unwanted calls and in those situations, it becomes the need of the hours to block that person on facetime to prevent getting unwanted calls from him. So below are the steps on-

How to block someone on Facetime:

  • Go to ‘Settings‘ and tap on ‘Facetime’ under settings

Facetime under Settings

  • You will see ‘Blocked‘ option under the Facetime Settings, Tap on blocked. Since this will be your first time that you will be blocking someone on facetime. So, you should see an ‘Add New‘ option. Tap on that.

How to block someone on facetime

  • Once you tap on ‘Add New’, it will show you all the contacts stored in your device. Select a particular contact you want to block on Facetime.

All contacts iPad

  • In this case, I am going to choose ‘Neeldhwaj Pathak’. Once you select a contact, all the related subcontacts related to that particular contact will be automatically selected. That you can see in the image below.

How to block someone on facetime (2)

  • And now you are done. The selected person would not be able to call you.

At a later point of time, if you decide to change your mind and you plan to remove that person from the blocked list, you can do that by clicking edit in the top right corner in the picture above. And then you can remove that person from the blocked list of Facetime.

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