We all need something to keep our minds sharp. While some people solve Maths problems, others play Sudoku. Still, there is a species that relies on the strategy games to sharpen their mind up and have fun at the same time by loading their brains up with some thinking. For all of them, today we’re giving you the best strategy game for Mac that are out there to play:

Best Strategy game for mac


Ares takes you to the galaxies far away where you have to fight the alien species in order to survive and save the humanity. Being the commander of the U.N.S Apollo, your strategy is what’s going to save the humanity from the alien species trying to invade your planet.
Ares was first developed for Mac while later it was expanded to Linux and Windows also. This game was first released in 1996 and set the pathway for the games to be made in the future.


Starcraft for mac

Starcraft is not a game but a world on its own. The Mind boggling and binge-worthy game takes you to a far away galaxy named Koprulu Sector, where 4 alien species are fighting for total control over the galaxy.
You have to make strategies in the real time and execute them in order to survive and move ahead. Released for Mac in 1999, the game won several awards including, the best real-time strategy game ever made.

Age of Empires

Age of Empires is also a real strategy game for mac where you have to conquer your enemies and do all that in real time from scratch. Wise use of resources and real-time implementation what makes this game fun. There are minimum graphics but this game laid the groundwork for a real-time strategy game to come in future. Age of Empires II and III are what followed and were a total blast.

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Pocket Tanks

Pocket tanks a strategy game for mac

If you’re in your 20s, you would have probably played this game and nostalgia would’ve set in. Pocket Tanks, as the name suggests, are little tanks that fight other little tanks in the game. What makes the game more interesting is the availability of a variety of weapons to choose from.
Napalm, Hailstorm, Magic Wall, Dirt Ball, Mountain Mover, Dirt mover, Heat-seeker, Crazy Ivan, Sniper-shot, etc. are the different weapons having their own speciality and range. Precision and attention are your two main weapons apart from all of the above said in the game.

Age of Mythology:

Developed by the same parent company as Age of Empires, you can consider this game as the mythological version of AOE. You can choose from Greek, Egyptian and Norse to be your civilisation and move forward in time to unlock new capabilities. Here you can also choose your God and minor Gods that provide special powers to the player. I would say this game is the real strategy game for mac.

Rise of Nations

If you understand territory and a country, you can play Rise of Nations. But Wait, it’s not that easy. The game is set in a territory where you build cities, buildings and arrange pretty much anything that’s needed to run a territory.
Instead of your territory, you can also build towers or buildings in your allies territory. Unlike other Real time strategy games, your workers don’t sit idle if you don’t assign them work here. They are self-capable of working here. Thanks to the AI inside the game.

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Plants vs. Zombies

strategy game for mac, plants vs zombies

If you think plants are quite low-level beings serving humanity, you might be right but here, plants serve humanity in a whole new level. Here, you have to place different types of plants around your home to save it from the zombies attacking you.
Every plant has its shooting or defence capabilities. With Sun as your only saviour for growing plants, the real fun begins at night when you have to rely on your strategy and decision making. Try One Smash, he’s good.

America’s Army: Special Forces

This game is a real-time virtualization of soldiers on a battlefield. Developed by Gameloft, this game works in two modes: either you can be a man for armoured vehicle or serve as an infantry man and fight with the enemies on the basis of your decision making only. There is one and only one rule: Hunt or be Hunted.

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