A Mac Network Scanner identifies active hosts on a network by a procedure called network scanning. A network scanner is used for scanning a large as well as a small network. It can scan a list of IP addresses, a number of computers and range of IP addresses.

Network scanning is done with a purpose of attacking a network or doing network security assessment. A network scanner plays different roles in scanning a network. Some of these roles are:

  • Ping sweeper
  • Port scanner
  • IP scanner

A Network Scanner shows all the shared resources including system and hidden NetBIOS shared resources along with FTP and web resources. A Network scanner is mostly used by a network administrator & regular users for Network Scanning.

Besides checking for the network computer and shared resources, a network scanner also checks for the right access of the shared resources. These rights include the right access of a user to mount files and resources on a network drive, open them in Explorer or in their browser.

A network scanner is also used to block website URL and a list of IP addresses. You can also export the result of scanning the network to an XML, HTML or text file or store them in the program itself.

With a great network comes great responsibilities and headaches. You need powerful tools to monitor, improvise and troubleshoot these networks for smooth flow of data packets. So, today, we are giving you a list of 10 best Mac network scanner tools for your Mac network. If you’re a system admin, you’re going to love these tools:

LogMeIn Hamachi

LogMeIn Hamachi, the best mac network scanner

LogMe In Hamachi is a free hosted VPN Service that helps you extend your LAN services to your colleagues, employees or gaming friends. The basic model that supports up to 5 users is free of cost. Hamachi uses 256-bit encryption for your network that offers robust security.

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You can Control network access and usage, including password management, network authentication, network locking, and ongoing network membership all from the central network.

Visual Route

Visual route Traceroute and network diagnostic tool

When you’re in charge of the network and need someone to help you, download visual route. The Visual route provides IP Location Routing, Multipath discovery with IPV6 compatibility. If finds out the best possible route for your data packets and suggest you as such. You can see your whole network in a graphical format and you can view detailed report by hovering on to the hoop. Here are some of the feature of VisualRoute:

  • Trace route
  • Reverse trace
  • Ping plotting
  • reverse DNS
  • Historical data
  • IP location reporting


NetScanner is a network utility tool for mac that scans your network for trace routing, IP routing, ping features with packet flooding, who is and finger. The software is available for free as Mac network scanner.


MacProxy by tidal software provides proxy solutions for your Mac safety and security. This Mac network scanner can access the network from behind the firewall without sharing your identification. Surf the network on Public networks safely without any risk of data breach.

You can create a profile which includes proxies, rules, and DNS settings and import them in XML format to share with other users. Mac proxy works with works with browsers, email, chat, FTP, telnet, and other network applications


IPMonitorX, a mac network scanner

IPNetmonitor X is a network troubleshooting tool that debugs you internet connection problems and fixes them. The software is packed with more than 20 powerful tools like Address Scan, AirPort Signal, Connection List, DHCP Lease, DHCP Test, DNS RBL, Finger, Interface Info, Link Rate, Lookup, Monitor and more that let you create a report for where the problem is, so that you can work on it by yourself or send it to your ISP if the problem is on his end.

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It is a network diagnostic tool and a Geo-tracing software for Mac OS X that traces the packet flow from your Mac to web servers and the packets coming in. It can also perform Ping, Domain Name Service queries, Whois service and trace route.


Viscosity for mac

Viscosity is an open VPN Client for Mac that helps you create VPN connections through interactive UI without a need for command line or terminal. It uses inbuilt keychain in your Mac to make sure your details are kept safe from others. Viscosity supports Smartcard/token (PKCS#11) support, menu folders, multiple connections, OpenVPN-AS support, proxy integration as well as IPV6 support so that you’re ready for future.


WifiSpoof for mac

You’re in a very hostile environment when it comes to safety with so many vulnerable wireless networks around you. Wifi Spoof is here to save you from them. You can change your wifi or ethernet Mac address simply using 3 clicks without a use of a single command. You can even set it to periodic change where it changes the Mac address after a predefined interval. And it’s one click away if you want to get back to your normal one.


iSSH is a front end application to the command line application SSH for your Mac. It is used to forward ports to the remote computer or start and SSH Socks proxy.So, you can either forward a VNC Connection over SSH or bypass your work’s website filters without knowing about the Terminal commands


MacWise is a powerful software with built in Modem and telnet features that allow your Macintosh to be used as a terminal. It keeps a tab on last 40 pages of data to search from and can emulate ADDS Viewpoint, Wyse 50, Wyse 60, Wyse 370, Televideo TV 925, DEC VT100, VT220, and Prism terminal.

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WiFi Scanner

Wifi Scanner for mac

Wifi Scanner is a network scanner product from AccessAgility. In the recent times, it has seen some increase in the number of downloads for mac os. Some of the well-known features of this network scanner are:

  • Scan, view, and compare the surrounding networks
  • Filter and join networks in high-density area
  • Visual channel conflicts
  • Do Speed test
  • Scan all the IPs who are on your network
  • Export information in HTML and CSV format.

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