Mac books are known for doing stuff like playing games, for graphic designing, for dJ software and many more creational activities. MacBooks have been known for being powerful machines from time to time for these activities. These laptops are the powerhouse for every task from designing a beautiful app to rendering a video. Games also have been a decent part from the start. So, today we are counting down the 10 best mac games 2016:

Best Mac Games 2016:


Ares is an old school Game for Mac introduced way back in 1996. This mac strategy game offered single and multiplayer modes for a game set up in space where you have to save the humanity by fighting with the alien species.

With 21 levels in the single player mode and 5 modes in multiplayer mode, the game was so popular that it has its own mark on the Macintosh Gaming league with its own page supported by fans and organised by Ares Supporters and now it one of the best mac games.


Snood is one of the best mac games

Snood is a candy crush for Mac long before candy crush was candy crush. Released in the same year as Ares, Snood worked on a simple rule. Connect three or more identical blocks (named as snood) and the snoods disappear. If the snoods touch the bottom, you lose and if you clear them all up, the level rises.

Snood received 2004 Shareware Industry Award for the Best Game Action/Arcade. Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, listed this as his one of the favourite game and Snood became one of best games for mac.

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Bored of your normal office life from 9 to 5. Try Starcraft for Mac and prove your significant worth in saving the world from Alien savage or become one. Starcraft is known to be one of the best productions of Blizzard Entertainment.

Following the wide popularity of the game, the company introduced the sequel Starcraft 2 and several spin-offs. Starcraft is known to sell 9.5 Copies worldwide, out of which 4.5 million were sold in South Korea alone making Starcraft one of the best mac games of all time.

MineCraft for mac

Download free Minecraft for Mac_1

What will you do if you’re left to do anything in the world with one and only one rule; survive and that’s what Minecraft is. A beautifully designed game available across all major platforms along with Mac is one of the top mac games of all times.

Minecraft bagged 5 major awards in 2011 including best innovation, design and Audience award. The popularity of the game can be deduced from the fact that there is a whole array of youtube channels having a main source of income as the Minecraft commentators.

Age of Empires

Developed by Ensemble studios and published by Microsoft Studios, Age of Empires is a real-time strategy game based in Europe, Africa and Asia, spanning from Stone Age to Iron Age.

Although published by Microsoft, the game has a wide following by Mac Users worldwide. Based on the legacy of Age of Empires, Bungie studio chose Ensemble to develop Halo, one of the most popular games of all time. In terms of the best strategy games, Age of Empires os one of the best mac games.

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Facade one of the best inetractive games

Facade is a game powered by Artificial Intelligence based on a story. This is as real as a game can get. A couple invites the player for dinner at home and now your wit and senses are all that help you ahead in the game.

Facade got wide recognition for its simulation of human life in so real terms, that too in 2006. The Facade is the one of the best free mac games.

The Sims 2 University

Following the trail of The Sims, the Sims University is a sequel of the famous game ‘The Sims’. While the main objective of the game is to lead the Sim from life to death, this part deals with the adult version of the sims going to university. Sims 2 received a rating of 90 out of 100 from 71 reviews.

Pocket Tanks

Pocket tanks a strategy game for mac

Pocket Tanks is a 1-2 player game focused on killing your enemy by using a wide variety of weapons. Although, having a light illustration and vivid effect of graphics, the game is fun and the sweet music adds to the pleasure of game on a Macbook.

Call of Duty

Call of Duty is a first-person shooting game published and owned by Activision. Following the wide popularity of the game, there were several sequels and spin-offs released for the game. If you take FPS games, then Call of duty should top the list of the best mac games.


If flying a plane has been your childhood dream, this game makes it true and that had been the reason of Wide spread success for this game. X-plane lets you simulate flying a plane of various types: commercial, aircraft as well as military.

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