Yes, You can get El Capitan features without Upgrading to Mac OS X 10.11. With the release of Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan, many mac users are fascinated about the new cooler El Capitan features. However, not all the mac users are willing to upgrade to Mac OS X 10.11 still they want those features.

Get El Capitan Features without Upgrading To Mac OS X 10.11El Capitan:

This latest public beta has a lot of new amazing features, you can enjoy some of the El Capitan features like spilt-screen, call out your cursor etc but, you can still use them without even upgrading to EL Capitan. You can use other apps to enjoy such features. Some of the apps facilitating those El Capitan features are:

1. Find My Cursor: Simple Mouse Locator ($1)

Simple Mouse locator, El Capitan features

This app will help you locate the mouse cursor. Actually, it does not make the cursor bigger but it will get surrounded by a ring which helps to locate cursor between multiple screens and displays. This feature can be used easily you just have to shake the trackpad with fingers or mouse and Cursor will become bigger in size. This is not lesser than one of those El Capitan features.

2. Find My cursor: Mousepose ($10)

Mousepose, Get El Capitan features

Instead of increasing the size of cursor this feature will dim all the lights and highlights the cursor only.

3. Split View: Split screen ($7)

Split Screen, Get El Capitan features

The Split view was one of the El Capitan features which gained instant success. t will show full-screen view with two apps sharing the screen at the same time. With this app, you can do the same thing, you just have to select a window and some keyboard combinations.

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4. Notes: Evernote

This new feature is very useful, it has the option to create checklists, configure share button in safari and can add save attachments to it. It also has card view and expanded card view that will it easy to spot images and attachments. And most amazing you can it to the cloud so to access Evernote anytime anywhere in any Mac device.

5. Notes: Clear ($5)

This new feature EL Capitan is the option to make checklists, this feature easily accessed by this app where you can easily manage your lists and can do work without any hassle. This app helps to create reminders and also have sync option.

6. Notes Notability ($6)

It is quite different from EL Capitan notes but this app offers the feature of free form writing ie. feature to write and draw with hand, Audio recording, PDF import, sync are other features added to it.

7. Transit Info: Google Maps

Google maps

This feature of Google is the new feature added in EL Capitan but it does not provide transit info of many cities. So, Google map is more helpful to download.

Now you can El Capitan features without even upgrading to mac OS X 10.11 EL Capitan.

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